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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
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There is no other story ..... Trump paid the Russian hackers who were working for Putin


Why do I smell Russia/Republican propaganda pushing the "Greedy Obama" meme?


When the real story is:


N.Y. Times, Bill O. "... the truth will come out.'

“I was very surprised how it all turned out,” Mr. O’Reilly said of his forced exit last week from Fox News. “I can’t say a lot because there’s much stuff going on right now. But I can tell you that I’m very confident the truth will come out. And when it does — I don’t know if you’re going to be surprised, but I think you’re going to be shaken, as I am.”


“I can’t say any more because I just don’t want to influence the flow of the information, O.K.?” Mr. O’Reilly said. “I don’t want the media to take what I say and misconstrue it. You, as a loyal O’Reilly listener, have a right to know, down the lane, what exactly happened and we are working in that direction.”


N. Korea has had the bomb for 10 years so why the big rush to war now?

The only reason I can think of is that Trump wants to change the subject
from the help he got from Russia in the election.

A Bill O. Classic; Say Baby put down that pipe and get my pipe up.


That honor goes to Those Who Trespass, his 1998 novel about an O'Reilly-esque TV journalist who is trained by an Irish Republican Army terrorist to kill the people who deserve it the most: the broadcast news bastards who interfered with the O'Reilly character's career. It's personal on the political level, too -- his victims includes a powerful "bitch" named Hillary and a fat "slob" named Martin Moore.

The prime lines:

"Say baby, put down that pipe and get my pipe up."

"I would like you to unhook your bra and let it slide down your arms. You can keep your shirt on."

"Cup your hands under your breasts and hold them for ten seconds."

"Off with those pants."

"I wish I were a lesbian."

Daily Kos: Partial evacuation possibly underway in North Korean capital

Kim Jong Un is reported to have ordered the evacuation of over 600,000 people from North Korea’s capital city, Pyongyang.

Experts note that the evacuation will most likely be conducted due to extremely strained tensions in relations with the US.
North Korea has an extensive system of shelters, but it’s not clear where the evacuated people are being sent.

Meanwhile, reports that China was cancelling flight service to Pyongyang appears to be incorrect, though some individual flights have been dropped because ticket sales to the North Korean capital are, understandably, low.


Trump has stated that a sixth nuclear test by North Korea, or even the appearance that such a test is about to occur, could result in a preemptive attack by the United States.

The U.S. is prepared to launch a preemptive strike with conventional weapons against North Korea should officials become convinced that North Korea is about to follow through with a nuclear weapons test, multiple senior U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News.


Why I am scared ... the Cuban missile crisis vs now

JFK, Fidel Castro, and Nikita Khrushchev were smart and not batshit crazy
the same things can't be said for Tump and Kim Jong Un.

The idea that we have a liberal media is pure crap.

Can you imagine if Barack Obama or Bill Clinton had just paid $25 million in order
to settle a case against them where they had promised people they would be rich
if they took a fraudulent real estate course that gave them nothing in return but
the course took their life savings and put them 10s of thousands of dollars into
credit card debt. And in some cases the phony real estate course targeted the
widows of the Iraqi war and took all their money in a scam.

My Wisconsin friend's letter to the editor. "McConnell insincere on court pick" -- Neil Diboll


McConnell insincere on court pick -- Neil Diboll

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took the unprecedented step of blocking President Barack Obama’s moderate Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, to replace Justice Antonin Scalia.

At the time, McConnell stated, “The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court justice.” Apparently McConnell was under the impression that Barack Obama was not elected by Americans, or at least not by “McConnell’s America.”

Sen. McConnell is now leading the charge to confirm Neil Gorsuch as the next Supreme Court justice. But Sen. McConnell’s reasoning has a flaw. President Donald Trump was “elected” by a minority of only 46.1 percent of the voters. Hillary Clinton received nearly 2.9 million more votes than Trump. The new president was, in effect, appointed by the Electoral College, which perversely does not rely on a majority of voters to determine the winner of a presidential contest.

The selection of the president and his Supreme Court nominee was brought about by a minority, and is not the true voice of the American people. Applying the “McConnell Doctrine,” President Trump should be disqualified from making any Supreme Court nominations during his entire term.

Unfortunately, Sen. McConnell prefers a selective interpretation of his own at the expense of the American people, whose voice he supposedly values so highly.

Neil Diboll, Cambria

This Susan Rice's actions is the real story is a ....

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