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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
Number of posts: 63,770

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I might be wrong but Trump's new "thing" about deporting Vietnamese refugees might just be a ...

... desperate move to change the news cycle for 24 hours. His cruel and unneeded move has gas
lighting all over it.

On Individual #1 w/Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer

After seeing the video of individual #1 w/Nancy and Chuck it should be clear that he has no
idea how congress works.

Individual #1 “I need 10 democrats in the senate to support me.”

Jill Wine Banks pin? Puzzle Pieces

Judge Andrew Napolitano just threw Trump under the bus and he did it live on Fox News. A must see.


Judge Napolitano was not his right wing act in this case because he threw
Trump right under the bus w/his straight forward Trump broke the law and
the SDNY and Mueller have the evidence too.

On Trump having Cohen pay hush money and it doesn't matter where the money comes from:
"If you pay me to shoot somebody than you are just as guilty as me of that crime." rough quote

I wonder if the word has come down @ Fox now is the time to abandon ship?

Trump says he didn't know about Stormy Daniels payment

The Smocking Gun part 2 .... it was Obama's fault


The Smocking Gun part 1


Politics USA Opinion: Mueller Hints That Mike Pence May Be Indicted Soon


Earlier this year Mueller obtained all of the transition team’s emails, and that’s when the speculation started that both Pence and Jared Kushner — another transition team member — were in deep trouble.

Now that we know Flynn has sung like a canary to Mueller about all the dirty deeds of the transition team, things have gotten even worse for both Pence and Kushner.


In other words, the vice president has been caught in numerous lies, not only to the American people, but also to federal law enforcement authorities. It is very likely that the redacted portions of Mueller’s memo mention the name Mike Pence, and not in a good way.

Michael Flynn committed numerous crimes, and Mike Pence did everything possible to cover up those crimes, possibly because he was implicated in them also. In fact, Pence could face the same criminal charges that Mueller brought against Flynn.


Hey Trump. Nervous Much? Is something coming out today?


Our next UN Ambassador .... D-Day shows that America has a strong relationship w/Germany.

Nauert invokes D-Day while praising US-Germany relations State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert cited the allied D-Day invasion while praising the "strong relationship" between the United States and Germany.
Source: CNN


Straight from Fox News, Heather Nauert

Dallas Woodhouse gop chair in N.C. on MSNBC

It was the Democrats fault because they "dropped this" on the state board of elections @ the last minute. Why did they wait do long? Rough quote.

"The problem is really a numeric one so Mr. Harris should be certified. And then if needed a criminal investigation could proceed later." Rough quote

He is stuttering big time.
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