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Mueller’s indictments and guilty pleas alone demonstrate that there was collusion between the Trump team, WikiLeaks, and the Kremlin. As we wrote earlier this year, the hack and release of emails is a textbook study in collusion:

Russia stole the emails and alerted the Trump campaign that they had done so.
Russia gave those emails to WikiLeaks.
Corsi got information on how WikiLeaks planned to use the emails and passed it to Stone, who he knew was in regular contact with the Trump campaign.
In other words: Mueller has identified the conspiracy that facilitated collusion.


The Russians sent Manafort to the Trump campaign in order to act as a go between Wikileaks so Russia could
steal an election for Trump. (rough quote)

Here's what Paul Manafort was lying about--and it's the missing piece between Moscow and Trump

At the end of the month, two things happened: Trump met with his campaign team, where Papadopoulos discussed Russian help and the possibility of meeting with Putin. And Paul Manafort was hired by the Trump campaign


Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort held secret talks with Julian Assange inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and visited around the time he joined Trump’s campaign, the Guardian has been told.
The source for the story sets Manafort’s visit to Assange in March of 2016. Which puts Manafort’s visit, and his chairing of the Trump campaign, squarely in the middle of the Russian hacking effort.

This is what that period looked like when everything is put together: On February 29, Paul Manafort sent Trump a written “pitch” document explaining how he should direct the campaign. His pitch was backed by a recommendation from Roger Stone. The very next week, Trump senior campaign staffer Sam Clovis told the team that “good US-Russia relations” were a goal of the campaign. The week after that George Papadopoulos, fresh off hearing Clovis describe the campaign’s desire for good Russia relations, first met with the London-based “professor” who claimed to have Russia connections. That was all in March.

So was this: Russians begin a dedicated attempt to hack into the emails of more than 300 employees of the DNC, DCCC, and Clinton campaign using two large teams of specialists. They managed to penetrate the the emails of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, stealing 50,000 emails through a phishing attack. Hackers gained another entrance to other accounts on the campaign that same week, and began sophisticated attacks on the security of servers at the DNC. That was in March.


If Paul Manafort was meeting with Julian Assange in March 2016, it shows that every part of the Russian plan, from stealing Democratic emails to distributing them through WikiLeaks, was planned in advance. And that the campaign chair of the Trump campaign was at the dead center of that plan.


Lock 'em up.

And guess who also visited Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy?

A separate internal document written by Ecuador’s Senain intelligence agency and seen
by the Guardian lists “Paul Manaford [sic]” as one of several well-known guests. It also
mentions “Russians”.


Lock 'em up.

Corsi: "They can put me in prison the rest of my life. I am not going to sign a lie."

Well, what did "they" all chant was it something like? "Lock 'em up."

Hardcover by Jerome Corsi
Where's the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President


Help please

A link to the story that the Saudis killed Khashoggi as a favor to Trump.

Tough day here ... my Dad fell and broke his hip.

But one good note is when they where asking ?s @ the hospital they asked him his name,
where he was, what year it was, and who is the President and @ 90 years old, retired
professor who @ one time worked @ the RNC headquarters he looked @ the nurse, and said
"I'm not happy with my answer but it is Trump." No President Trump and even no Mr. Trump
just Trump.

I don't know what things are gonna unfold but they are what they are and I'll do what I
can for my mother, the family, and my son, his bride to be and their baby.

BTW good thing I didn't start the turkey.

The Byrds, "He was friend of mine."

Best way to cook a turkey


Trump the last 24 hours

* It has come out that Trump wanted the DoJ to go after HRC and James Comey.

* Sided with a person who had somebody living in America w/a green card and had
children who are U.S. citizens murdered and cut up.

* And is has come out his daughter was using a private email account for her businesses
and US government work after he spent >2.5 years complaining about Hillary Clinton for
doing the same thing.

What a hero looks like ... a must read

'I give Diana Credit for Saving Our Town,' Says Stirling City Fire Chief"


As teams sift ashes in Paradise today searching for bone fragments of those who were killed in the deadliest fire in modern California history, not far away, residents of a much smaller town, Stirling City, return to their untouched homes after being evacuated for 10 days. They do so in part because of Division U Supervisor Diana Totten, a Humboldt County resident and one of the few transgender wildland firefighters in the nation. Totten and a Mendocino County man alternated the Division U Supervisor position–for over ten days, they traded off sleeping and doing paperwork while the other ran the line. At times they had close to 300 personnel under their direction battling the Camp Fire.

“I give Diana credit for saving our town,” Pete Cuming, Chief of the Stirling City Volunteer Fire Department, said warmly. Over the years, Cuming who has been chief since 1987 and been a volunteer firefighter since 1980, has poured a lot of love into his community. He has carefully restored the oldest house in town, built his own trucking business, and created a scale model of the old mill which he has lent to the local museum.
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