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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
Number of posts: 69,341

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Shooting in Chippewa County leaves 5 dead, 2 injured

Source: WQOW

Chippewa County (WQOW) – Five people have been found dead in an apparent homicide in Chippewa County.

Sunday night around 10:30, the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department responded to a 911 call regarding a shooting incident at a residence in Lake Hallie.

According to Sheriff James Kowalczyk, deputies found a man and woman dead at the scene. Two other adults were transported to a local hospital due to gunshot wounds.


According to the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office, when law enforcement arrived, they discovered three other people dead from gun shot wounds – a woman, man and juvenile male. Officials are calling it an apparent homicide.

Sheriff Kowalczyk said the gunman is suspected in both homicide investigations. He said the suspected shooter is dead.

Read more: https://wqow.com/news/top-stories/2019/07/29/breaking-overnight-shooting-in-lake-hallie-leaves-two-injured/

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin now? And less then 24 hours after the mass shooting California.

How much longer will this country keep this blood bath going on?

Fuck the NRA.

Trump, "King Elijah"


Why do i think some really bad news about Trump & Russia is about to come out?

Nadler, "Today we made clear to the court that we are considering impeachment ... "


BTW if the Senate Republicans want to stand shoulder to shoulder w/Trump who is at the
center of the biggest series of crimes in American history, fine let 'em.

Will Donald Trump have his "Warden Norton moment?"

Tweet from Congresswoman Scalon, Trump knew & Trump was not exonerated


The biggest crime in American history and he is gonna get away with it.

Sure it was shown that Trump is guilty of crime(s) but nothing is gonna happen to him
now or after he leaves office. But in good news my local cable company now has more
right wing news/propaganda channels and or programing. Fox News, Fox News Business,
NewsMax, some kind of crap from Sinclair, and a new 24/7 news network that pretends
to "show both sides" of the news but it has a right wing slant. We are about to go full
on into fascism because that is what the PTB want and having that idiot dotard in the
White House is what "they" want.

"They" have no shame.

Russia's hacking of our elections and their work installing their puppet, Donald J Trump,
as President was and still is the biggest crime (really a series of crimes that was international
in nature) in our nation's history and yet despite mountains of evidence they are working
to cover up this crime or at the very least spread enough bull shit to confuse the American

Collins, Sensenbrenner, and that jerk from Georgia care more about the republican party,
keeping power, and providing cover to Trump by spreading misinformation then America.

Making a BLT right now but i have one question

Should I put a dill pickle on it?

BTW my BLT has a fresh picked Cherokee Purple Tomato and it really is a
BLCT bacon lettuce chard & tomato

Mueller Report in less than 280 characters

thanx to DUer EveHammond13

Mueller Report in less than 280 characters

Mueller Report: 1) A hostile foreign power intervened aggressively to rig our 2016 elections to help Trump. 2) During the campaign, Trump welcomed & encouraged it. 3) As president, Trump obstructed justice, abused his power, slandered, fired & lied to block the investigations.

Behold! The dumbest tweet in the history of tweets!




BTW I really don't think that Diamond and Silk are really that stupid. They stole big parts of Frangela's act
and have flipped it so they can take money from right wing suckers. It is all one big con.
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