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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 03:49 PM
Number of posts: 66,841

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Russia/Putin were stringing Trump along about his Trump Tower Moscow project ...

.... it was never going to be built because:

The Russians used Trump properties all over the world ... NYC, Panama, Azerbiajian,* and other
places ....to get their ill gotten millions out of Russian and to launder that money and a Trump tower
Moscow would not have helped in those endeavors.

* https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/03/13/donald-trumps-worst-deal

BTW I might be wrong about this. Botany =

Nucking Futz. Building, after all, is what I do best, even when money is not readily available!


How many times has Trump declared bankruptcy? And how many contractors,
suppliers, engineers, employees, and architects has skipped out on paying?

Thanx shit load Russia/McConnell/GOP?Fox News/electoral college for installing this
walking nightmare

DU help please ... I missed individual #1's speech

Did I miss anything?

Please sum up what was said in 3 sentences or less.

Outside of the Civil War the Trump/Russia assault on America is our greatest threat ever.

An active Russian asset is in the White House working right now to bring America
down from the inside in order to pay off some kind of debt to a hostile foreign power
and its dictator, Vlad Putin. Trump was installed by in large part by the actions of the
Russian cyber warfare operations called the GRU but they had to have had inside help
and boy did they get it because they had to know where, when, and how to micro
target their attacks on America's democracy*. You can see the Russian/Putin fingerprints
on Brexit, the Yellow Shirts in France, and Trump's actions as per NATO, Syria, Iran,
and our government shut down.

Steve Schmidt✔@SteveSchmidtSES
· 19h
Replying to @SteveSchmidtSES
The data to target US voters in a highly sophisticated disinformation campaign which was aimed into Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio. There is no way the Russians could utilize the voter file without fairly consistent contact and guidance from the campaign. It is starting

Steve Schmidt✔@SteveSchmidtSES
To smell to me that the investigators have Trumps’ campaign and possibly (probably) Trump dead to rights on a conspiracy with Russian intelligence to affect the outcome of a US selection. It’s not a poll that was delivered but the data models.

* https://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/story/news/2017/01/23/russians-suspected-hacking-local-dems/96965824/

He is nucking futz. / Another big Caravan heading our way. Very hard to stop without a Wall!

Donald J. Trump

Another big Caravan heading our way. Very hard to stop without a Wall!

9:13 AM - Jan 18, 2019

Our side has some new "good ones." Rep. Mikie Sherrill

On MSNBC right now and damn is she smart and well spoken.

United States Naval Academy (BS)
London School of Economics (MS)
Georgetown University (JD)

Lawyer Private Practice, U.S. Attorney, and now a Congress Critter.

Giuliani: I never said there was no collusion


Rudy is going bat shit

He is up and nutz




Funny The Clemson Football Team is >60% African American (best guess)

Does anybody remember when President Obama shut down the Federal Government because ...

... Mitch McConnell would not let a vote go forward for Merrick Garland to be
a justice on the Supreme Court*?

* Something that is granted to the POTUS by the US Supreme Court but
Trump has shut down the government because he lost the last election?

Trump Discussed Pulling U.S. From NATO, Aides Say Amid New Concerns Over Russia

Source: NY Times

WASHINGTON — There are few things that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia desires more than the weakening of NATO, the military alliance among the United States, Europe and Canada that has deterred Soviet and Russian aggression for 70 years.

Last year, President Trump suggested a move tantamount to destroying NATO: the withdrawal of the United States.

Senior administration officials told The New York Times that several times over the course of 2018, Mr. Trump privately said he wanted to withdraw from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Current and former officials who support the alliance said they feared Mr. Trump could return to his threat as allied military spending continued to lag behind the goals the president had set.

In the days around a tumultuous NATO summit meeting last summer, they said, Mr. Trump told his top national security officials that he did not see the point of the military alliance, which he presented as a drain on the United States.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/14/us/politics/nato-president-trump.html

Trump is a Russian asset.

“Even discussing the idea of leaving NATO — let alone actually doing so — would be the gift of the
century for Putin,” Admiral Stavridis said.
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