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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 03:49 PM
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Trump is a Russian asset trying to bring down America from the inside because Putin owns him.

Rinse, lather, and repeat.

Thanksgiving 2019

Turkey (Fresh) 12 LBS baked with an apple and a clementine in it
Stuffing bread herb cubes, regular bread with onion, celery, apple, raisins, & herbs de Provence
Mashed Potatoes little red spuds & gold
gravy cream, s. & p., pan fat, flour, little pieces of turkey liver, a little stock from the giblets, corn starch
Cranberry Sauce
crude de te (some kind of dipping sauce open to suggestions)
corn bread or pillsbury rolls from a tube
and what ever kind of dessert my daughter in law sends down ... she manages a bakery in Akron

BTW we are having the dinner on Saturday because that is when other parts of the family can be here

'War on Thanksgiving' Goes From Fox News to Trump's Rally: 'People Want to Change the Name'

What fresh hell is this? A Fox News made up story now has Donny Dumb Ass pushing this bullshit at one
of his Bund Rallies. Do people really believe this shit? And what DUer started the war on Thanksgiving?


President Donald Trump warned that an unnamed force wants Thanksgiving to be called something other than “Thanksgiving” at a rally Tuesday night, a belief that is likely derived from Fox News segments declaring a “war” on the holiday.


“Some people want to change the name Thanksgiving,” Trump said at the beginning of his rally in Sunrise, Florida. “They don’t want to use the term Thanksgiving. And that was true also with Christmas. But now everybody is using Christmas again. Remember I said that?”

“People have different ideas why it shouldn’t be called Thanksgiving,” Trump continued. “But everybody in this room I know loves the name Thanksgiving and we’re not changing it.”


This month, an article from HuffPost offered advice on how to have an environmentally friendly Thanksgiving dinner. That story sparked mass coverage at Fox News: it was covered on Fox & Friends, Fox & Friends First, Tucker Carlson Tonight, The Five, Fox News @ Night. It gave us this incredible graphic, spawning the War on Thanksgiving:

'Of course I'm joking': Tucker Carlson and John Kennedy walk back their pro-Russia comments

Source: Washington Post

It has been more than three years since President Trump asked Russia for help in finding Hillary Clinton’s emails and then insisted he had been joking. And his allies are still allegedly stumbling into pro-Russia comments.

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson said Monday night that he was rooting for Russia in its conflict with Ukraine, only to insist later in his show that he was just joking. Also Monday night, Sen. John Neely Kennedy (R-La.) took to CNN to insist that his suggestion the day before that it might have been Ukraine rather than Russia who hacked the Democrats in 2016 was just a misunderstanding.


If it was a joke, it didn’t come across that way in real time. And his entire comment was about how he didn’t even care about Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. He insisted “I’m serious.” He also then repeated his assertion that he was being serious about the matter. “Why should I root for Ukraine against Russia?” Carlson added shortly after the initial comment. “I’m sincerely confused. … Why should I care at all? … If I don’t root for Ukraine in some esoteric border war with Russia, I’m like a Russian agent?"


The other gift to Moscow in recent days came from Kennedy, who said on “Fox News Sunday” that it might have been Ukraine rather than Russia who hacked the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign in 2016. It was precisely the sentiment that former White House aide Fiona Hill warned against a few days earlier, testifying that the very idea was part of a misinformation campaign spearheaded by Russia’s security services.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/11/26/course-im-joking-tucker-carlson-john-kennedy-walk-back-their-pro-russia-comments/

BTW go to the link to the story and look @ the chyron for the screen shot of Tucker/Fox News
and see how far down the rabbit hole Fox News has gone, Poll: "Support for impeachment has declined."

Just an idea can we trade Trump to Canada for Justin Trudeau?

We can throw in the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

His Bio. https://starsunfolded.com/justin-trudeau/

Marching in a pride parade in Vancouver 2015.

OK throw in Texas too.

Trump is crazy...Rick Wilson is right*. "You know on his best days he's barely coherent and sane."

Trump, "I asked Tim Cook to see if he could get Apple involved in building 5G in the U.S.”

Not only did Trump claim to have had Apple build a new factory in TX (it opened in 2013)
but this gibberish? Does he know anything about "Tech stuff" outside of turning off the
spell check on his twitter machine he is clueless.


During his Fox and Friends segment Friday morning, Trump said Cook is “going to be building a $1 billion facility to make whatever he makes," despite the fact that the new campus will not include any manufacturing jobs.

* https://www.democraticunderground.com/100212726549

My Granddaughter is coming into town for Thanks-day and she is 2.5 years old

any ideas for a gift? BTW she has more than enough clothes.

NY Times: Wait, How Do You Pronounce Kiev?

KEEV in Ukrainian
Key-EV in Russia


Key-EV or KEEV? Ukraine or THE Ukraine? The testimony in the public impeachment hearing before the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday spurred discussion of the right way to say each, so we asked two experts.

The first question, they said, is by far the trickier of the two.

Yuri Shevchuk, a lecturer in Ukrainian at Columbia University, said that native Ukrainians stress the first vowel, and pronounce it like the “i” in the word “kid” or “lid.” The second vowel is pronounced as a separate syllable, and sounds like the “ee” sound in “keel.” The v is also pronounced a bit differently, like the end of the word “low.” It’s a bit hard to describe.

But spoken in Russian, Kiev, Ukraine’s capital and home to about three million people, sounds more like “Key-EV.” Americans tend to be more accustomed to hearing it the Russian way. (The official language in Ukraine is Ukrainian.)

Damn this one hurts. A friend and a neighbor has ALS.

He just moved back into the neighborhood into a little house he had as a rental
about 4 or 5 years ago after a divorce and busted his ass to fix up his place and
I redid the landscape w/OH native plants, a creeping red fescue lawn, a nice lime-
stone wall, and a bird and butterfly wildflower native grass garden. He redid the
inside of the house, the front porch, and the deck too. His little real estate biz was
picking up and I had him ready to sell my parent's home when my mother is ready
to move.

The disease is moving swiftly so he has to sell his little dream house, move to Florida
to be close to family, and live in an assisted living facility. He leaves on Friday and
I doubt I'll ever see him again. His grown son (30 I would guess) is in the Coast Guard
stationed in San Fransisco but has come back to town to help his Dad move and help
settle things. Great Kid! (A man really.)

I thought my friend would have a little more time in the neighborhood but that is not be
... I am doing everything I can to help but in the end I just feel kind of useless. When I
bumped over his trash dumpster and saw a lifetime of pictures there my heart got heavy.

Anybody who lives in Central OH and wants a cute little house in Clintonville please let me know.
(I will not get one cent from the sale of the property)

American Wahoo fruits ... I have one growing @ the house. They are really this red right now.

If Trump was caught on video having sex with Ivanka in front of a bonfire of bibles then ...

... Gym Jacket-Off Jordan would say:

President Trump sure loves his daughter.

Devin moo moo Nunes would say:

President Trump really cares about Ivanka and wants to keep her warm.
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