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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 03:49 PM
Number of posts: 66,781

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Good Luck Jimmy Carter Thread by DUer imanamerican63 Post if you want.


Just a thought on Jimmy Carter and things

Carter put up the 1st generation of solar panels on the White House (water heaters) and said this is the future but Reagan, the Republicans, and the fossil fuel industry took 'em down and told everybody that "this hippy fad" will not be needed. Where would the world and America be now if we had stuck with green energy? How many millions of tons of carbon not been sent up into the atmosphere?

Jimmy & Rosalyn Carter were a gift to us all.

We all need to keep up the fight for them.

Rep. Peter King in 2004 prior to voting ... never forget

So Trump has now admitted to a high crime in paying the $2,000,000 penalty for his scam charity.

The House can impeach him in one day then the Senate can vote to find him guilty and
remove him from office the next day. End of story.


He took money in to help the vets and kept it until he was caught and he used $25,000
of his charity to bribe Florida's A.G. not to investigate his scam Trump U.


Help please: Didn't Trump use money from his charity to pay off Florida's Pam Bondi for some favor?

After a while I just can't keep up with all of Trump and company's crimes.

Both Don and Don Jr are in deep shit


Click on the letter and then click again on the tweet to see an expended form of the letter.

My Old Kentucky Home

" incumbent Kentucky governor up five percentage points just before Trump visited Lexington ..."


I was wrong ... no way I thought KY would flip ... 2015 the KY Governor's Race was way dirty ...

... but now? This is amazing. BTW wasn't Trump in KY a few days ago and said this is about

Washington Post: When should Republicans jump ship?

History could forgive Trump’s defenders. But we know it will reward his deserters.

“History will judge us,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer recently said on the Senate floor, arguing for impeaching President Trump. It’s a line we hear a lot, pregnant with ominous implications. This is no time for the usual partisan antics, the warning intimates. We must rise to the Call of History. But how can we know what history will say about Trump’s prosecutors and defenders before we get there?


But the Watergate saga does tell us this much: Those loyalists who abandoned Nixon early, when it mattered — who stood up for principle over party, for integrity over professional advancement, before Nixon was politically doomed — are remembered and praised for their courage. Men such as Sen. Lowell P. Weicker (Conn.) and Rep. William Cohen (Maine) cemented their legacies as honorable public servants and were lionized for the rest of their lives. Those who waited to see the writing on the wall (other Republicans in Congress, administration officials who wanted to serve the national interest but lacked the courage to break with their boss) left their fates to chance. Many of them are now remembered solely for sticking by a man who abused the power of his office — if, that is, they are remembered at all.

(BTW please show me a Lowell Weicker or a William Cohen in the GOP senate today)

The parallels between 1974 and 2019 are inexact. Republicans back then were much more independent-minded; many broke with their president not just during the impeachment process but well before that, on ordinary legislative matters. According to Congressional Quarterly’s statistics, in the early 1970s the parties stuck together on key votes between 60 and 65 percent of the time; these days, it is upward of 90 percent of the time. Back then, the GOP included liberals and moderates who had no ideological affinity for the president and openly voiced doubts about Nixon’s honesty. When Nixon left office, most of his party-mates tried to get on the “right side of history” by publicly disavowing him. Today, with a right-wing mediasphere where the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News constantly reinforce White House talking points, it’s almost impossible to imagine that happening.


Few Republicans right now are showing the independence that Republicans like Cohen, Goldwater and Weicker displayed in 1973 and 1974. Although several prominent Never Trumpers — mostly neoconservative journalists — have vocally opposed him since before the election, and a few defenestrated administration officials such as Jim Mattis have let their contempt for the president be known, no Republicans as yet have come down in favor of impeachment. Most likely, they never will: Chances are, after all, that Trump will be acquitted in the Senate. But if they believe in their hearts that the president has traduced the Constitution and feel in their guts that something should be done, history suggests that the time to come forward is now.


The conspiracy that Trump and the right wing* are pushing. I think I have it right.

In 2016 Hillary Clinton and her campaign were working with corrupt actors in the Ukraine
in order to frame Vlad Putin and Russia that they were trying to rig the Americans elections
and that Hillary or her people had her email server which contained tons of evidence of her
crimes/corruption smuggled out of America and sent to these corrupt actors in the Ukraine
where it remains hidden to this day. Bill Barr, Rudy, and others have been traveling or calling
around the world in order to find evidence of this conspiracy which has falsely ensnared in
the Trump and others in this conspiracy.

* Hannity & Rush

BTW I don't have a clue about where Joe & Hunter Biden come into this sewer of lies.
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