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Botany's Journal
Botany's Journal
April 30, 2021

What exactly are those clowns in Arizona doing looking @ the old ballots?

It will not change anything except for giving the Fox News watchers something to
re-enforce their already screwed up view of the world. The election is over and
Joe B. won the state, he is President and Mark Kelly is now an Arizona senator.

I hope this blows up in their faces.

Sorry for the

April 29, 2021

10 minutes of Randi Rhodes who ties it all together.

Ukraine, Rudy, Trump, and the rat fucking of our election in 2016 by James Comey.


DUer byronius

April 29, 2021

I am sure Sen. Scott wrote his speech or had it written for him long before Biden spoke tonight.

Scott saying that Biden didn't reach out to the republicans must have missed this.

Joe Biden, "I would like to meet with people who have different ideas then me. Maybe better."

April 28, 2021

If Rudy was committing a crime when he was Trump's lawyer

... wouldn't the lawyer/client privilege be done? And how fast would Rudy flip on Trump to save his ass?

April 26, 2021

A soft place to settle': Clintonville family fosters unaccompanied minors from Honduras

FYI about 3 months ago I posted about my friends and neighbor who have been hosting 2 refugee children
from Central America and how hurt and damaged the younger girl was. Well, about once a week I make a
meal for the family and a lot my neighbors all chip in a buy groceries and help out too. I can't tell you how
proud I am of my friend Andi, her family, and my neighbors. Kindness works.

BTW Clintonville is a neighborhood in N. Columbus, OH

Well here is the back story.

A soft place to settle': Clintonville family fosters unaccompanied minors from Honduras

At first, Andi Mocharski was intimidated by the idea of fostering older children, especially those who weren't fluent in English.

The Clintonville mother of four adopted children had only ever fostered younger kids who grew up speaking English, and the ones she was about to welcome into her home were a 10-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy from Honduras.

Refugees in Columbus: Biden policy flips dash hopes of local advocates

But it was more than that: They were unaccompanied minors who crossed the U.S-Mexico border alone. Their mom was still living in a camp there, and their father had been murdered.

Although Mocharski was nervous before the children moved in with her family in November, everything worked out fine.


April 25, 2021

Daily Kos: Federal judge warns that Trump could be in yuuuuuge legal trouble

Surprised no one has mentioned this, but earlier this week, a federal judge fired a shot across the bow of the crybaby from Queens. In the midst of telling one of the Capitol rioters that he was going to be in jail for awhile, that judge delivered a sobering warning to Trump—he could potentially have to answer for his role in the horror of Jan. 6.

On Wednesday, federal Judge Emmet Sullivan dealt with the case of Jeffrey Sabol, a Colorado geophysicist who is accused of grabbing a D.C. cop’s baton, then using it to attack another officer, among other things. Sabol went back to his home near Denver, fried all of his devices, then made his way to Boston in hopes of fleeing to Switzerland. But when he saw cops there, he rented a car and tried to make a break for it south. He only made it as far as the outer suburbs of New York City before being arrested. That escape attempt was enough by itself for Sullivan to deny Sabol bail.


"To be sure, to what extent President Trump's words and actions led to the violent and shocking storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 is an important question, and one that could still have legal consequences for the former President and his prominent supporters," Sullivan wrote, citing a civil lawsuit against the former president. "But President Trump's culpability is not before this Court."

It’s not often that you see a federal judge use this kind of language about an incumbent or former president. The fact that Sullivan pointed this out at all is a sign that Trump is in very real legal jeopardy. The only question is if and when his reckoning will come.


April 24, 2021

Daily Kos: New Mexico city sends Trump campaign's $200,000 bill to collection agency

The past five years brought unprecedented reporting on what seemed to be transparent corruption within the Trump organization and administration. Much of the clearly dubious handling of money came out of Donald Trump’s campaign apparatus. Up until the end, Trump’s campaign was run like a traveling con job, and any and all fundraising done in service of his candidacy was used to pay off everything but campaign costs. The Trump administration, like the Trump organization of the past 40+ years, tried to leave citizens holding the bag at every turn. One of the main gripes that states and localities had with Trump’s never-ending campaign was his propensity to leave the costs of enormous security bills on the shoulders of local taxpayers.

One city that has waited more than 19 months for the Trump campaign to pay its debt is Albuquerque, New Mexico. KOB4 reports that Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller sent a $200,000 bill to a collection agency in the hopes of receiving money he says the Trump campaign owes the city. "We actually treated it like any other debt, and so it goes through a somewhat process where you send a bunch of letters out. We got no response from those letters. And then automatically, it does go to an agency that helps try and collect debts, and so that's those annoying phone calls you get that say, you know, you owe money to so-and-so—like now, Trump is getting those."


Back in November, Newsweek reported that the loser campaign owed at least $850,000 to various local agencies for the costs of his rallies. The City of El Paso, Texas, which says the twice-impeached president owes $500,000, hired outside legal counsel in November 2020 to help with the collection of that debt. El Paso officials say that debt has been outstanding since February 2019.

The Trump campaign began making sure it could plead poverty right after Trump lost on Nov. 6. According to reports, while Trump and friends fundraised off of his attempts to overturn the election results, campaign money was quickly moved into a variety of Trump businesses and Trump-connected businesses. Besides enriching oneself, it is also a good way to stiff other people waiting for payment.


When the news outlet reached out for a comment, the Trump campaign emailed KOB 4 that it was “reviewing your request.”


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