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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
Number of posts: 69,304

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Is anybody up on right wing code "stuff" ... is 1/up arrow just another way of writing 1/6?

My son's wife step father wears a shirt with a very subtle blue lives flag on one sleeve and then on
the other sleeve he has some lettering and a 1/^ on it. I think the ^ symbol is a substitute
for the # 6 because the up arrow ( ^ ) is what you get when you shift to upper case for the # 6
on the keyboard. Both he and his wife are big time Trumpers.

Do you want to get under DeSantis' skin and weaken him? Call him Governor Booty McBootface.

Thanx to TheBlackAdder for Booty McBootface.


Don't fall for it. "The C-19 virus came from a Chinese Lab" meme is a planned distraction.

My bullshit meter is screaming about this planned distraction as to the "virus is from a Chinese Lab"
meme that Fox is now pushing in order to pull attention away from the Dominion Voting Systems
defamation case against News Corp aka Fox News. And they have been successful in that strategy
because much of the rest of the media has picked it up and run with it.

We know from evolutionary biologists' work on the history of genetic material (mRNA) in the C-19
virus that it goes back to the Wet Markets in Wuhan. I have read here (w/out sourcing) that the first
C-19 deaths were very close to Wuhan's Wet Markets although we now know that virus and the disease
was out much earlier then the timeline which has been spread. Now, China early on did have the virus
in their labs so as to study it and they mapped out its genome which they gave to the WHO and the
WHO gave that information to scientists in Germany who produced the 1st test for the disease. Trump
rejected that test and tried to produce his own and the Trump backed test did not work and that helped
in spreading the disease.

Fox News is in court right now for lying about the election and Dominion Voting System and is pushing
another big lie about the origins of the C-19 virus to try to cover things up.

Botany =

Disclaimer this all might be wrong but I don't think so.

Is Josh Hawley working for Putin? "On aid to Ukraine, sharp Republican dividing lines take shape"

Exactly one year to the day after the GOP lawmaker issued that statement, Hawley’s interest in “strong American resolve” appeared to waver. He published a tweet on Friday that read:

“The Republican Party can be the party of Ukraine and globalists* or the party of East Palestine and working Americans. Not both.”

The missive was apparently well received by Fox News: Hawley was invited onto Tucker Carlson’s program on Friday night, where he repeated the message, practically word for word.

The GOP senator’s message came just two days after Donald Trump made a public appearance in East Palestine, Ohio, and appeared to criticize U.S. aid to Ukraine, saying he hopes, after we assist our allies against Russia’s invasion, that there’s “some money left over” to help East Palestine after its train derailment disaster.


* Globalists is just another way of saying "the Jews."

Besides shrimp what else is good in grits?

I made some with shrimp, Cheddar cheese, butter, green onions, parsley, garlic, and some spices with
the shrimp.

Why is TFG still alive?

Former US President Donald Trump' s McDonald's order has been revealed in an upcoming memoir. Trump's go-to MCDonalds order was revealed by his son-in-law as a Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish, fries and a vanilla shake. (But he has a debt coke too. )

Big Mac 563 calories
Fries 378 " "
Filet-o-Fish 379 " "
Vanilla Shake 449 " "

1,769 Calories in total and God only knows about the fats and salt.

The train wreck in OH 3 things:

1) Managing the spill and the clean up would be under the auspices of the Ohio EPA. These people
yapping about how come Joe Biden didn't do anything are idiots although President Biden did call
the Governor of OH, Mike Dewine and ask if he needed anything. Pennsylvania's EPA might have been
involved if any of the toxins crossed the border.

2) The fire has me concerned that the people from the rail road and or whomever had the contract to do the
clean up might have let the fire burn because that was a quick and dirty way of getting rid of the problem although
the fire didn't change the toxic nature of the chemicals that the tank cars were hauling but it did spread them
around a much wider area.

3) Donald Trump is thankfully no longer President and as such has zero say in the clean up however he did get rid of
the Obama era's ruling about updating the braking systems on such tank cars which very well might have stopped
the train from derailing in the 1st place.

And I'm proud to be an American .... We just saw history. Think FDR, Churchill, and/or Lincoln

Joe B was born for this moment.

And please President Joe take at least 48 or 72 hours of stand down time. That trip would be a nut buster for anybody
and you brought it off as well as it can be done. Good Job!

I am so proud my President and he is really fucking good @ his job and the Ukrainians are tough too


A must see video!

Time to call Fox News and its viewers what they are, Podsnappery or Podsnapperiums

Fox News is Podsnappery ergo Fox News viewers are Podsnapperiums

Podsnappery Podsnappery Podsnappery know it, learn it, love it, and use it.
example you go into a business and they have on Fox and then the brave DUer says,
"Can you just turn that un-American Podsnappery off?" or call your cable company and ask
them, "Is there anyway to block that Fox News Podsnappery?"

an attitude toward life marked by complacency and a refusal to recognize unpleasant facts

Degree of Usefulness:
High, especially when talking to fans of Charles Dickens, from whose work the word was taken.

What to know:
Podsnappery came from the name of Mr. Podsnap, a character in Our Mutual Friend, by Charles Dickens.

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