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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
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Just Because: Shakira - I'll stand by you & Norha Jones Tell me why

USA Today: Dwyane Wade says his family left Florida because they 'would not be accepted'

During Thursday's episode of "Headliners" with Rachel Nichols, Wade revealed that his decision to leave Florida stemmed from state legislators proposing anti-LGBTQ policies.

"That's another reason why I don't live in that state," Wade, 41, said in an exclusive preview shared by People.

Wade, the father of 15-year-old Zaya, who came out as transgender in 2020, said "my family would not be accepted or feel comfortable there." Wade is also father to Zaire, 21, Xavier, 9, and Kaavia, his four-year-old daughter with wife Gabrielle Union.


The three-time NBA champion has championed the LGBTQ+ community since revealing his daughter's announcement on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in February 2020.

"This is her life every day. This is no game to us," Wade said on "Good Morning America" at the time. "We're all about protecting her heart, we're about protecting her joy and to do that, we have to support her."


Real Family Values:

I wonder how much money Harlan Crow gave to support the J-6th attempted coup via Ginni Thomas?


Washington Post: The 'no mow' movement could transform our lawns

Across the Lower 48 states, there are about 40 million acres of lawn, according to a 2005 NASA estimate derived from satellite imaging. These spaces could be havens for pollinating critters, many of which are facing widespread habitat loss. Having more food sources available for pollinators in the early spring is especially critical for their survival.

Transforming a traditional turf lawn into a more pollinator-friendly area is probably easier than most people might think — and it doesn’t have to look wild, says Melinda Whicher, a supervisory horticulturalist at the Smithsonian Gardens. “There are plenty of very low-growing flowers where you can still mow and the flowers will still be there.”

Still, creating a pollinator lawn will take a bit more thought than just letting grass grow freely, experts say.

“If you have a traditional lawn, letting the grass grow to a foot tall or whatever it would be at the end of May is no value whatsoever,” says Susan Carpenter, native plant garden curator at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum. Grass that long could be harmful to lawn health and become a mowing nightmare.


Oh for the love of Dog ..... for $99 you can look @ Trump's digital trading cards on line ...

... something you can do for free now.

How come the republicans are only interested in "the debt" when a Democrat is in the White House?


BTW "this debt ceiling debate" is about paying off the bills run up by Trump but the
republican are using it to try to cut social security and medicare benefits are self

Daily Kos: No Labels is a Trump Super Pac, Funded in Part by Harlan Crow.

Even more scary, that the Trump Super Pac (Anything else they claim is bullshit) No Labels, will succeed in peeling off enough votes, to get Trump back to the presidency. Now for those that don’t know. No Labels claims it is an organization that supports centrist, bi-partisan policies and politics. It was established in 2010. It is a registered 501c(4) and does not disclose its donors. There is probably a good reason for that.

Because to close observers the supposedly sensible solutions often proposed by No Labels have an uncanny way of benefiting one particular element of our nation: the Hedge fund Billionaires , or more precisely, the finance industry. And when they aren’t looking for tax cuts for the wealthy, some of their brilliant “centrist policies” include things like requiring the unemployed to go the unemployment office to pick up their checks, and cracking down on disability insurance claimants. Nice huh?



Newsweek: Fire Breaks Out at Russian Tank Training Ground After Explosions

A fire broke out at a Russian tank training ground following reports of explosions in the city of Kazan on Saturday, according to local media reports.

The explosions were heard in the southern area of Kazan, a city of more than 1 million people located about 447 miles east of Moscow, according to The Kyiv Independent, an English-language Ukrainian news outlet. The explosions were heard near a site used for tank training amid Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine.


How about Jackie Speier as a short term fill in for Feinstein? If Dianne resigns and then couldn't

... the Governor could appoint ner to finish out the term.

She has the smarts, knows the law cold, and knows how to get things done too.

Russia's war on America Contiues / Russians boasted that just 1% of fake social profiles are caught

Most of these common right wing memes such as: "you don't know what is in those C-19 vaccines, the bad side effects of the vaccines, the threat from trans people, the grooming of kids by LGBT, helping Ukraine is a bad idea, and so on"
are from Russia. The GOP, Fox News, and others on the right are more than happy to push these lies in order to hurt "the libs" and cause social division in America.

And Russia is still @ war on America by pushing disinformation via social media another example of Russia's war on America can be seen in Tony DeVolder aka George Santos who is a Russian paid for "chaos agent" and
he was paid for by Russian Agent Oleg Deripaska, who in 2016 was paying for NYC FBI agent McGonigal to rat f**k the HRC campaign. BTW in 2016 if you read anything on Facebook about HRC and her emails you were
reading Russian disinformation.


SAN FRANCISCO — The Russian government has become far more successful at manipulating social media and search engine rankings than previously known, boosting lies about Ukraine’s military and the side effects of vaccines with hundreds of thousands of fake online accounts, according to documents recently leaked on the chat app Discord.

The Russian operators of those accounts boast that they are detected by social networks only about 1 percent of the time, one document says.

That claim, described here for the first time, drew alarm from former government officials and experts inside and outside social media companies contacted for this article.

“Google and Meta and others are trying to stop this, and Russia is trying to get better. The figure that you are citing suggests that Russia is winning,” said Thomas Rid, a disinformation scholar and professor at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2023/04/16/russia-disinformation-discord-leaked-documents/
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