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Gender: Male
Hometown: Eastern North Carolina
Home country: United States
Current location: Eastern NC
Member since: Wed Dec 1, 2004, 04:09 PM
Number of posts: 12,148

Journal Archives

Three times as many people are murdered each year with knives...

"how many babies who killed other babies were killed by knifes"

Three times as many people are murdered each year with knives as are murdered using all rifles and all shotguns combined, including "assault weapons". Bicycles kill more people annually than are murdered by rifles and shotguns.

Most murders by gun are also close and personal...and most are committed by people with long criminal records, not the peaceable and nonviolent who are your primary targets.

Last time I went out to eat, I was carrying a S&W Lady Smith.

Time before that, a FN FNS. If you were at the next table, you wouldn't have been alarmed.

An AR is way too big to conceal, which is a big reason why rifles are the least misused of all weapons. It's also heavy and bulky, in spite of the small caliber, and you can't wear it.

You do realize that the only people who ever took AR's to restaurants were a handful of clueless publicity-seekers a couple years ago, right?

What really bothers you, and what you're trying your best to criminalize, is peons like me who have an AR in the gun safe and take it to the shooting range regularly. Such horrific deeds deserve felony punishments, ja?

Back at you. What I see are people trying to use gang violence

as an excuse to go after the peaceable, noncriminal, and nonviolent, and to take from them the kinds of guns that are least involved in the violence.

Your top priorities are to outlaw rifle handgrips and magazines that stick out, and restrict where people with CCW licenses can carry. Why? Other than having completely lost sight of what you are supposed to be fighting for?

Germans tend to value privacy, so tourists don't see a lot of the German gun culture,

but it is there. And a lot of American gun control activists who idealize Europe would be shocked and horrified that AR-15's and other modern-looking rifles are legal across much of Europe, including Germany.


If you go with a Mini-14, get one 580- series or newer,

and lubricate the heck out of it, particularly the bolt nub where the op rod cams it open. Especially if it's a stainless Mini.

I owned a 188-series Ranch Rifle, and it was an accuracy lemon, but reliable. It didn't like to run dry, though (galling on the bolt nub).

A .729 caliber is "kinder and gentler" than a centerfire .22?

He's talking about owning a non-automatic civilian AR-15, not an M16 or an M249.

A .223 JHP from an AR-15 is less likely to exit your walls and injure/kill your neighbor than a handgun JHP or a load of 00 buckshot, never mind a shotgun slug.

Civilian small arms drywall penetration test

So now you want to ban small-town gun shops, too?

Speaking out against sporting goods stores in small towns is ridiculous, and from a gun-control standpoint it is stupidly counterproductive to your cause. It is reactionary fundamentalism, not issue advocacy. A few seconds' thought would probably have even Bloomberg himself facepalming over this.

As I said in the other thread, I'll believe the gun control lobby is primarily concerned about violence when they stop targeting the lawful and responsible. And trying to eliminate small-town gun stores is pretty much the definition of "targeting the lawful and responsible".

And a note to the clueless: small towns with a "historical, agrarian feel" sold guns back in those historical, agrarian days. Heck, I'll bet you could buy high-capacity military-style rifles at the general store there back in the 1870s, if the town existed back then...

"Is a gun store, rather than, say, an Apple store, something that would make our downtown sizzle...?"

Because there's nothing that says "historical, agrarian feel" like an Apple store...
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