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Member since: Sat Dec 18, 2004, 11:43 PM
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How to hang a stained glass picture

My friend made me a lovely stained-glass piece and I want to hang it in front of a window. Problem is, our window frames are metal! How can we do this? I'm getting tired of looking at it in the closet.

Oh. I'm probably going to need radiation, too.

I met with an radiation doctor at the very beginning of my cancer experience, but over the months of chem, it was never mentioned again in my treatment. Today, the surgeon "mentioned" that my breast reconstruction might be affected by the radiation. I said "...What?" He then explained that it was most likely that I would have to have it, pending biopsy results after the surgery. He reviewed the factors that made it a recommended treatment ( in my case, the size of the tumor is the factor), and yes, I see that it may be appropriate.
But damn! I just thought, since no one was talking about it to me, that it was not going to happen. Oh well. I see that it can irritate skin, a lot, but it looks like it takes half an hour a day, for five or six weeks...if I have to, I have to.

The Donut Hole

I'm dealing with cancer this year. Because I get chemo, I had a port installed, and I got a blood clot. Now I have to use a blood thinner, which is expensive. Due to that and a few other meds, I will be hitting the donut hole this month.
Anyone else dealing with it...how are you managing?

Breast cancer is not fun!

I've been posting about my experiences on the Cancer thread under Health, but I thought I would talk about it here. I got my hair cut off yesterday and seeing myself in the mirror with a 1/16th" crew cut is very strange. My ears look twice as big as normal and that is just not good.

I have a really nice wig, and I plan to wear it whenever I go outside, and I also have a collection of head coverings for around the house...the Hubber is totally fine with the full Monty, and sometimes I do that, too.

Chemo is not fun. It's almost time for my second treatment, and I just now got my digestion back to something resembling normal. At least this time I know what to expect. I have great (if expensive) meds for preventing nausea and so far, so good.

Beside the hair loss, the worst side effect is that nothing tastes good! I am a foodie and I love to cook AND eat! The only thing that I've that tastes good is coffee ice-cream; I have a big bowl as my nighttime treat.

I should add that the chemo drugs for my particular type of cancer are supposed to be just about guaranteed to knock it out, so I'm really not even worried about my prognosis...just getting through the chemo with my sense of humor intact is my goal.

New member of the club here

I'm still having trouble accepting my diagnosis.
I've been told I'll need radiation and chemo and probably, surgery (it's my breast). I honestly know so little about cancer that it all sounds so confusing.
My whole family is in New York and I live in Florida. Tonight I have to call and talk to my sister. Just dreading making her sad. She'll help me work out how to let our mother and my daughters know. I honestly hate having to do that to the people I love. My husband is wonderful, though, and he's the most supportive and helpful anyone can be.

I'm getting a new sewing machine

I'm so excited!
The one I have is starting to get tired, we are solvent - in fact, we just did our taxes, and apparently, you pay less on retirement income - so I decided it was time to upgrade. I looked around and decided on a Pfaff. New machines has some jazzy features, like more lights and more stitches, but the Pfaff has IDT, meaning it has even feed built right in. I'm getting the QE 4.2, which has 10" to the right of the presser foot. That'll make working a a big quilt much easier.
It should come in this week, and I have a tank top and cardigan in blue sweater knit for my first project. Can't wait!

Fallout 4, anyone?

My husband persuaded me that we should play it. I'm not the most intense gamer; that means I like playing, but the violence is pretty much my least favorite part. I've been immersed in ESO for the past year, and since Bethesday made both games, I figured I couldn't go too wrong. So far it's been fun...still just getting started. He's at about level 8 and having a ball!

Great Vegetarian recipes?

My husband decided to go veg after watching "Forks Over Knives" last week, and he thinks it would help his cholesterol numbers. I'm very out of practice on this particular genre of cooking, as my vegetarian daughter has been grown up and on her own for quite a while. So, although I'm surfing all over, and finding some good stuff, does anyone have any dishes they absolutely love?


I seem to have just come down with this dreaded condition. It emerged after I took Prednisone for an ear problem. Apparently, the drug stops your body's natural immune system, and it was just enough that it encouraged the shingles to come out and make its presence known.
I developed all the lesser symptoms, like headache, nausea, and chills. And there is no rash yet. But the shooting pains up and down my left side are awful!
It went away for a while today, so when I visited my doctor and he confirmed the diagnosis, I didn't ask about pain mitigation. I plan to call tomorrow and ask, but is there anyone out there who can advise on this? As of now I'm using Advil (ibuprofen) and pretty much at the maximum safe dosage recommended.
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