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Member since: Sat Dec 18, 2004, 11:43 PM
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A happy and healthier New Year to all!

I have been able to deal with my Herceptin issues; hand or foot cramps that hurt like hell, but don't last long and are eased with Tylenol. The hip-joint pain has lessened. Food tastes better. I have hair I can part!
Decided to go full Lebowski and celebrate with a White Russian (a tribute to our new overlords LOL). I tried a bit of Tia Maria in coffee yesterday and it went down just fine (my previous experiment with alcohol had not). I am ready!
Salmon in cream sauce with peas and wild rice for dinner. Then, part 3 of the new "gilmore girls," followed by Anderson and Kathy (Hubster's choice) and Scrabble.

I hope everyone can look forward to a year of better health and best outcomes.

Worsening side effects from Herceptin

I've started having severe cramps in random places...my hands, my back...I am seriously considering asking my oncologist how much it would worsen my ultimate outcome if I were to stop early. I've had 11 out of 17 treatments (that's eight months, and the standard is a full year). I was finishing dinner, logical that I was using my hands to use utensils, when my hand seized up. A few minutes later I broke out in a cold sweat. I took a Zofran for nausea and two Tylenol. The pain did ease up, but I can hardly wait to see what's going to happen when I go to bed tonight.

I had my last infusion one week ago; my next appointment is January 9. If this cramping continues, I will tell him I can't handle it any more (this is on top of one hip joint giving me trouble since I started the Herceptin-alone treatments in September). I was sent for an X-ray of the leg (which showed nothing, AND a bone scan). This drug is really wreaking havoc on me.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

We're here today and hopefully for a long time.
My taste buds are still somewhat messed up from chemo, and a sore joint or two, I have some irritation from radiation, but I am looking forward to a great feast with my daughters and a friend who's driving across the state to be here. We have put together a feast and I look forward to enjoying with my group.

Radiation is taking its toll on me

I've completed 23 of my 33 treatments, and until now, a couple of Tylenol took care of the discomfort. Today, though, I woke up with terrible pain in just one area -- right under my arm. The Tylenol helped, along with a Lorazepan, but the doctor and technician decided I could use a couple of days off. I also got some hydrocodone, and I'll probably use that tonight.
My treatment was supposed to end with five sessions focused on one area (not where it hurts), but they're going to switch me to that part first, then go back to the other, which will have had a week to recover a little. At least, this is the last "new" kind of treatment...no more surprises, I hope!
My two daughters are coming next week, and now I feel that I'll feel good enough to tidy up in advance, and to actually enjoy the visit. I haven't seen them since the whole cancer thing started, so it will be great to see them. Wonder how they'll like my crew cut!

This mastectomy thing is a breeze!

Was that too flippant?

It's just that I read that I would be laid up in bed for weeks. In reality, I have minimal discomfort -- just some soreness under my arm -- and I feel pretty good. I spent one night in the hospital; I even took a walk around the floor before bed. The Hubster brought me a Dunkin' Coolatta when he returned in the evening. I finished my IV fluids, they removed all my monitors, and I felt liberated.
In the morning my surgeon visited, told me it all went well, said I could shower the next day. We went home at 10 AM, and I had a relaxing day. Easy leftover dinner, and a super-silly movie, "Keanu," with Key and Peele. Great night's sleep, just had to be careful when I moved.
Today I shower, send Eric to the market (always good for a laugh), and just relax ( shhh online shopping shhh). We have frozen tortellini to cook tonight with salad and bread. I'll stay home until my follow-up visit Thursday.

Happy to be one step closer to the finish line!

I need advice about staying in the hospital

I have my mastectomy tomorrow. I know I'll be staying at least overnight, so what should I bring? Is it okay or foolish to "sneak in" OTC meds like Neosporin ointment (I need it for my nose, believe it or not)? Will they let me wear my own clothes and slippers?
I've been using prescription meds for digestion (sorry diarrhea sorry), but I assume the drugs they'll be giving me will knock that out.
Any tips would be highly appreciated! And they'd better have Wi-fi!
I haven't gotten the call yet, and I'll ask most of my questions then...I'm just trying to keep busy today, and to be as prepared as I can be.

How to hang a stained glass picture

My friend made me a lovely stained-glass piece and I want to hang it in front of a window. Problem is, our window frames are metal! How can we do this? I'm getting tired of looking at it in the closet.

Oh. I'm probably going to need radiation, too.

I met with an radiation doctor at the very beginning of my cancer experience, but over the months of chem, it was never mentioned again in my treatment. Today, the surgeon "mentioned" that my breast reconstruction might be affected by the radiation. I said "...What?" He then explained that it was most likely that I would have to have it, pending biopsy results after the surgery. He reviewed the factors that made it a recommended treatment ( in my case, the size of the tumor is the factor), and yes, I see that it may be appropriate.
But damn! I just thought, since no one was talking about it to me, that it was not going to happen. Oh well. I see that it can irritate skin, a lot, but it looks like it takes half an hour a day, for five or six weeks...if I have to, I have to.

The Donut Hole

I'm dealing with cancer this year. Because I get chemo, I had a port installed, and I got a blood clot. Now I have to use a blood thinner, which is expensive. Due to that and a few other meds, I will be hitting the donut hole this month.
Anyone else dealing with it...how are you managing?

Breast cancer is not fun!

I've been posting about my experiences on the Cancer thread under Health, but I thought I would talk about it here. I got my hair cut off yesterday and seeing myself in the mirror with a 1/16th" crew cut is very strange. My ears look twice as big as normal and that is just not good.

I have a really nice wig, and I plan to wear it whenever I go outside, and I also have a collection of head coverings for around the house...the Hubber is totally fine with the full Monty, and sometimes I do that, too.

Chemo is not fun. It's almost time for my second treatment, and I just now got my digestion back to something resembling normal. At least this time I know what to expect. I have great (if expensive) meds for preventing nausea and so far, so good.

Beside the hair loss, the worst side effect is that nothing tastes good! I am a foodie and I love to cook AND eat! The only thing that I've that tastes good is coffee ice-cream; I have a big bowl as my nighttime treat.

I should add that the chemo drugs for my particular type of cancer are supposed to be just about guaranteed to knock it out, so I'm really not even worried about my prognosis...just getting through the chemo with my sense of humor intact is my goal.
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