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Name: RuggedRealist
Gender: Male
Hometown: New York, NY
Home country: USA
Current location: NYC
Member since: Tue Jan 4, 2005, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 32,886

Journal Archives

This is the kind of debater you are. Half a dozen to a dozen of us have provided you several

examples of exactly what you asked. And you go on as if you have never heard us, all the while hurling crazy red herrings, non sequiturs and strawmen at us.

There are no Fox News Contributors on DU. At least none that I am aware of. There are guests

I am one of them. A contributor is a specific job description in media. It implies a paid employee. Generally they only appear on that network.

As a guest, I have appeared on several networks including RT, Blaze and Fox, and have had clips on MSNBC and Comedy network, and I am employed by none of them.

Other guests that have appeared on Fox are Glenn Greenwald, Bernie Sanders, Alan Grayson, Jane Hamsher, Jon Stewart, etc.

Is your vitriol aimed at those guests too or is it solely aimed at me?

European Parliament: Guy Verhofstadt lays into Tsipras, Tsipras Responds

FYI, this poll I created about Bill Cosby


Forgive the intrusion, I just wanted to make you aware of this poll I created re: Bill Cosby


Do you think "It's not right to say things about Bill Cosby because he hasn't been convicted" is

an acceptable position given everything we know at this time? Is it a decent way to handle 48 women accusing Cosby of similar rapes? Given what we know about Cosby admitting under oath to procuring Quaaludes in order to have sex with the women? Knowing what we know about rape culture, is it a Liberal or Progressive way to behave and to treat the experience of women to dismiss the allegations by saying "He hasn't been convicted"?

Whoopi Goldberg who I otherwise love and even several DUers have done this. Is this OK for you?

Whoopi is still saying Cosby innocent until proven guilty

Why Whoopi? Why? Why is that what you have to say at this point?


Whoopi Goldberg is doubling down in her defense of Bill Cosby despite his admission in sworn testimony he gave women quaaludes to have sex with them.

“The View” host spoke about the most recent damning evidence against Cosby, which was revealed on Monday when previously sealed court documents were released. In a sworn deposition taken in 2005, the married entertainer admitted to purchasing quaaludes with the intention of giving them to women he wanted to have sex with.

“I think it’s, again, we’ll see what happens,” Goldberg said of the Cosby developments. “As more information comes out, people can make judgments. I don’t like snap judgments.”

The TV host added she didn’t care what critics would say of her stance.

BREAKING! US & Cuba reach agreement to establish full diplomatic relations



WASHINGTON—The U.S. and Cuba have reached an agreement to restore diplomatic relations and reopen embassies in each other’s capitals, a senior administration official said Tuesday, the biggest step yet toward ending a half century of enmity between the two countries.

President Barack Obama plans to tell the nation on Wednesday that the U.S. will reopen its embassy in Havana, the official said, culminating a central aspiration of his presidency and representing the end of one of the last vestiges of the Cold War more than a quarter century after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Secretary of State John Kerry will color in details of the U.S. effort, speaking from Vienna on Wednesday about the move to convert the diplomatic post in Havana, known as the U.S. Interests Section, into a full embassy, officials said. He is expected to travel to Cuba in July to oversee the embassy’s reopening.
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