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Name: RuggedRealist
Gender: Male
Hometown: New York, NY
Home country: USA
Current location: NYC
Member since: Tue Jan 4, 2005, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 32,886

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Can we not offer these kids a safe haven?

I spent some time reading these two threads here:



The second thread got me thinking, can't we have an organization that provides places to live for these kids? If I had known that kid in the second link, he could have stayed in my second room. I live in NYC, he would have had a ball. I am sure there are other people, maybe some here in this group at DU that would take kids in who are in situations like these.

Is there no organization that tries to match kids who need places to stay with available homes and apartments?

President Obama's State of the Union address was like hitting three grand slam homers in one game

and I am a Yankees' fan, so I know what that is like!

It looks like the GOP nominee will be Newt the Snarkapotamus

I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed in the GOP base. They had 9 candidates from whom to choose and at the end of all of the sound and fury, they seem to have settled on the meanest and nastiest candidate and zounds isn’t Newt both of those things in spades. Some of you out there, fellow Democrats and Progressives in particular reading this would probably admonish me and say that I should know better than to expect anything different, but I did have some hope.

From the perspective of a Democrat, except for Ron Paul, there isn’t any material difference in policies between any of the nine candidates who started out running for the GOP Presidential nomination. When Republicans seemed to be turning to Rick Santorum in Iowa, I thought, OK, channeling the perspective of someone who comes from the conservative viewpoint, that makes sense. Like all the rest of the GOP candidates, the things he stands for alternately anger and disgusts me or simply make me sad and concerned for the country, but I could understand that choice coming from voters who believe in the current American incarnation of conservatism.

I cannot understand the choice of Newt the Snarkapotamus.

Of all the people to carry the message of your point of view, why pick the meanest and nastiest person, the king of the sarcastic remark (Snark). Why pick someone who embodies the exact opposite of what you are trying to say in terms of family values. Excuse me, nearly the opposite. The only way Gingrich could have been closer to 180 degrees off from the Family values crowd would have been if the affairs he had behind the backs of both of his first two seriously ill wives would have been with men.

As a Democrat, all of what I just outlined in the above paragraph, and the rest of Newt’s copious baggage is good news. It means getting my candidate re-elected is going to be that much easier. As a plain citizen, I have to deal with an unpleasant, nasty, snarky individual on my television screen and in the rest of the news media for the next ten months. This is what we are in for:

That snark by Gingrich has nothing to do with policy, nothing to do with how someone would govern and gives you no real insight into anything about Mitt Romney. It’s a nasty and vacuous remark and frankly, a waste of the time of the audience watching.

Now, some Conservatives, like those over at Free Republic, are of the mistaken opinion that those kind of nasty remarks if delivered by Newt against President Obama, will make the electorate like him and vote for him. That is not going to work like some conservatives think it will. Throughout American history, Presidential candidates like Newt who are snarky debaters and orators never win the general election. Americans do not like that kind of person as their President. Americans like Presidents who are well mannered and with whom they would feel comfortable coming to their home and having dinner. As the trite expression goes, Americans want their President to be someone with whom they would like to have a beer.

The last thing people want to do is go out and have a beer with a snarky person because that person might get snarky with you. But that’s who Gingrich is, it has been his best weapon in Republican debates so far and the Conservative base seems to like it. Unfortunately for them, I don’t think it plays with independents and swayable moderates. The interesting part of the campaign if Newt gets the nomination will be the point where Gingrich and his campaign realize what I am talking about and that he cannot use that debate style.

If you take that away from Newt Gingrich, he has nothing.

Actually, he has worse than nothing, he has his baggage.

I always wondered what would happen if Freepers ever turned on Ann Coulter. Now I know

The misogynistic and homophobic remarks are flying by at a mile a minute

On Edit: This was because she appeared on O'Reilly vigorously advocating for Romney.


To: stockpirate
She really just needs to come out of the closet

4 posted on Monday, January 23, 2012 8:45:59 PM by al baby (Hi Mom)
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To: stockpirate
I just heard her too. Sounds like ol’ Ann is due for another box of wine tonight.

6 posted on Monday, January 23, 2012 8:46:39 PM by Utmost Certainty (Our Enemy, the State | Gingrich 2012)
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To: stockpirate
My gosh, it looked like she was/is going completely insane. What a vile vicious asp.

7 posted on Monday, January 23, 2012 8:46:54 PM by annieokie
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To: stockpirate
I just saw her on O’Reilly. Coulture is despicable. She is a screaming, ranting, post-menopausal fanatic.

What has happened to her?

14 posted on Monday, January 23, 2012 8:49:26 PM by map
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To: stockpirate
Just saw it.

That Adams Apple was going a thousand miles per hour.

15 posted on Monday, January 23, 2012 8:49:39 PM by SnuffaBolshevik (In a tornado, even turkeys can fly.)
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LOL, I just saw this on a Freeper's tagline, "Newt - God tested him for a reason"

I'll have some comments as soon as I can get full typing and breathing back on line from the rolling around laughing on the floor.

Newt Gingrich now way out in front in Florida. I think he is the GOP nominee


Last two polls, the only ones since South Carolina, have him up on Romney by 9 and 8 points respectively.

Newt Family Values - Do as I say and not as I do, and do, and do...

To reassure voters, Newt Gingrich recently took a "no adultery pledge" from the Iowa-based group "The Family Leader".


I'm trying to figure out how that pledge was different from the vows he took in 1962 when he married Jackie Battley on whom he promptly cheated. Or the vow he took in 1981 when he married Marianne Ginther. Yes, he cheated on her. How about the one he took in 2000 when he married Callista Bisek? All during the past 50 years, he has taken pledges/vows and broken them during which time he was on the lecture and campaign circuit hawking family values.

It's kind of like the late Ted Bundy preaching non-violence, or George W. Bush speaking out against war and torture.

Jerk who said Children with Disabilities are punishment for women who aborted running for US Senate

See this post
http://www.democraticunderground.com/1002177519 where I discuss that he said it.

I just realized he is running for US Senate to represent Virginia.


Richmond, Va. (WTVR)- It appears the GOP field for the U.S. Senate race isn’t quite set. Leading Republican candidate, George Allen, is getting more competition from a well-known lawmaker.

Delegate Robert Marshall is planning to once again fight for the position. Marshall confirmed with CBS 6 News, he will battle for the position although he has yet to make a public announcement.

On January 9th, Marshall registered his corporate name “Bob Marshall For Senate, Inc.” with the State Corporation Commission. With Marshall officially throwing his hat in the ring, this will be his second attempt in four years to nab the Republican Senate nomination. The ultra conservative legislator will battle several candidates, including Allen, for the nod.

Virginia State Rep (R) - Children with disabilities are Gods punishment for women who have aborted


On Thursday, Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall (R) spoke at a press conference against state funding for Planned Parenthood. He blasted the organization for supporting a women’s right to choose, saying that God punishes women who have had abortions by giving them disabled children:

“The number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion with handicaps has increased dramatically. Why? Because when you abort the first born of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children,” said Marshall, a Republican.

“In the Old Testament, the first born of every being, animal and man, was dedicated to the Lord. There’s a special punishment Christians would suggest.”

Marshall is also fighting against health care reform, saying that “Obamacare” is trying to take “your soul.” Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has been pushing back against high-profile figures and entities who have been attacking people with disabilities. Will she speak out against someone in her own party? (HT: Right Wing Watch)

As I wrote on my Facebook page, as far as I am concerned, this lands Delegate Marshall on the disgusting scale somewhere between pig vomit and goat excrement. Then again, compared to what Marshall said, pig vomit and goat excrement dont seem so bad.

Classless Republicans attack Michelle Obama on day #1 of her being on Twitter.

Beware, some of these are really ugly, racist and offensive. The link below has the 25 most offensive tweets.

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