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Name: RuggedRealist
Gender: Male
Hometown: New York, NY
Home country: USA
Current location: NYC
Member since: Tue Jan 4, 2005, 04:36 PM
Number of posts: 32,886

Journal Archives

BREAKING! US & Cuba reach agreement to establish full diplomatic relations



WASHINGTON—The U.S. and Cuba have reached an agreement to restore diplomatic relations and reopen embassies in each other’s capitals, a senior administration official said Tuesday, the biggest step yet toward ending a half century of enmity between the two countries.

President Barack Obama plans to tell the nation on Wednesday that the U.S. will reopen its embassy in Havana, the official said, culminating a central aspiration of his presidency and representing the end of one of the last vestiges of the Cold War more than a quarter century after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Secretary of State John Kerry will color in details of the U.S. effort, speaking from Vienna on Wednesday about the move to convert the diplomatic post in Havana, known as the U.S. Interests Section, into a full embassy, officials said. He is expected to travel to Cuba in July to oversee the embassy’s reopening.

Update on my daughter Angela Elizabeth who is 3 months old as of yesterday!

Here she is, doing very well!!!

BREAKING: SCOTUS Temporarily blocks restrictive Texas law against abortion clinics!!!

Great news!


WASHINGTON, June 29 (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday agreed to temporarily block parts of a strict new Texas abortion law.

The court granted a request by women's health providers, which had asked the court to temporarily put on hold a 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling from June 9. The groups asked the high court to put the provisions on hold until they can file a formal petition asking the justices to take the case. (Reporting by Lawrence Hurley; Editing by Will Dunham)

Would you consider this Supreme Court an "activist" Court?

From Kentuck's OP:
They gave us Citizens United, and today, they voted against the environmentalists on the coal-powered plants. But, they have also voted for Obamacare and same-sex marriage. They also voted to give citizens the right to do redistricting, rather than hand it to the state legislatures. They have had decisions that both sides have applauded and derided.

In my opinion, they are very political. They make their decisions based on what might be popular for the Republicans in the next election, or to get Republicans off the hook on some issues, such as Obamacare and same-sex marriage. They knew that the Republican Party had no back-up for Obamacare if it was declared unconstitutional. They also knew that same-sex marriage was gaining in the polls and the Republicans could end up taking a very unpopular position. In the manner that they ruled, it is still good for the Republican base and keeps their Party intact for the next election.

Basically, they have ruled with the Democrats on social issues and with the Republicans on economic or corporate issues. I think they are more political than "activist".


OK, NY LGBT and allies,with the SCOTUS ruling now we definitely have to get together to celebrate!!!

Saturday night, 8:30pm at Stonewall?

reply or PM me if you are in!

Woo hoo! Gay marriage is now the law of the land!!!!

Freepers apoplectic over SCOTUS ruling upholding Obamacare Subsidies


To: GIdget2004
They can’t rule correctly on the simple cases what hope do we have?

4 posted on 6/25/2015, 10:11:00 AM by Goreknowshowtocheat
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To: GIdget2004
5 posted on 6/25/2015, 10:11:02 AM by PROCON (CRUZing into 2016 with Ted.)
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To: GIdget2004
So my insurance will keep going through the roof with sky high deductibles and ever increasing rates.

How could it be possible that they re-interpreted the statute?

6 posted on 6/25/2015, 10:11:05 AM by Principled (Government Slowdown using the budget process!)
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To: GIdget2004
The written law means nothing.

We are now a dictatorship.

7 posted on 6/25/2015, 10:11:08 AM by SoFloFreeper
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Russian Internet "Troll Factory" sued for underpaying workers, and capitulates


The secretive Russian agency that hires people to write pro-Kremlin propaganda on the web stepped into the public spotlight for the first time on Tuesday as a former employee took it to court.

The Agency for Internet Studies, which runs what has been called a “troll factory” from a nondescript St Petersburg address, is being sued by employee Lyudmila Savchuk for alleged underpayment and various labour violations.

Savchuk says she was one of many paid to write comments online supporting the policies of Vladimir Putin.

The agency is now seeking to avoid public scrutiny by offering to compensate her. Yekaterina Nazarova, defending, told the Petrogradsky district court judge the agency was ready to settle with Savchuk, who had asked for a symbolic sum of 10,000 roubles (£118).

Stonewall becomes a landmark...

I think NY LGBT and allies should have a get together there to celebrate!


Stonewall Inn Designated NYC Landmark During LGBT Pride Week


On Tuesday morning, dozens of New Yorkers packed into a public hearing room at 1 Centre Street to witness a historic vote. It was standing room only as numerous speakers presented the case for designating The Stonewall Inn a New York City landmark.

The commission was convinced. Just before noon, the New York City Landmark Commission voted unanimously to designate Stonewall, the site of historic LGBT rights protests, a landmark. This announcement comes during the city’s LGBT Pride Week.

Each speaker was allotted three minutes to plead their case, but many went over, and applause certainly set it over that barrier. Unlike other city meetings, no one seemed to mind staying in the stuffy roof for well over two hours. There was an air of celebration, as activists shook hands, congratulated one another and passed out rainbow flag stickers, worn by the majority of hearing attendees.
(more at above link)

xPost from Feminists - French teenager may become the first woman to play Major League Baseball


Major League Baseball is one step closer to having its first female player. On Sunday, 16-year-old French teenager Melissa Mayeux became the first known female to be added to MLB's international registration list.

That means Mayeux is eligible to be signed by a club during the next international signing period, which begins July 2.

While anyone can attempt to register for the list, only players who have the potential to be signed actually make the cut. Even if Mayeux isn't signed by a club, the fact that she was accepted for the list solidifies her status as a legitimate baseball prospect.

Some within the game have been pretty impressed with her skills, according to MLB.com.
(more at above link)
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