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Name: RuggedRealist
Gender: Male
Hometown: New York, NY
Home country: USA
Current location: NYC
Member since: Tue Jan 4, 2005, 04:36 PM
Number of posts: 32,886

Journal Archives

"Don't vote for Donald Trump" USA Today takes position for 1st time ever in a Presidential election

The USA Today editorial board is opposing Donald Trump's candidacy, taking a position in a presidential election for the first time in the newspaper's 34-year history.

Describing Trump as "erratic," "ill-equipped" to be commander in chief and a "serial liar," the newspaper slammed him for trafficking in "prejudice" and having a "checkered" business record.



How much more will it take for some Trump supporters to realize how bad their candidate is?

Boy have we been here before. Trump fans are using online polls to say he won.

We have a scientific poll showing what Americans actually think, the CNN poll showing 62% think Hillary won vs 27% who think Trump won, but of course there are various online polls showing all kinds of results, depending on whether fans of a candidate posted the poll on one of their forums and directed people to manipulate the poll.

Even the Freepers can't spin this into Trump doing well

They know she is kicking his butt so far:


I knew the Donald Trump photo with Little Miss Flint had a familiar vibe. Check it...

Yes, far too many of Trump supporters are DEPLORABLE. Yesterday they punched an elderly woman

Yes, far too many of Trump supporters are DEPLORABLE. Yesterday one of them punched an elderly woman sporting an oxygen tank in the face

My article:


Hillary Clinton should not have apologized for calling some of Trump's supporters deplorable.

Shirley Teeter, a 69 year old woman who needs an oxygen tank to assist her with breathing, attended a Trump rally in Asheville NC to protest the candidate.

A man standing in front of her facing away reacted to some of her comments about Trump and his candidacy by turning around and punching her in the face. The 69 year old fell to the ground on top of her oxygen tank.

The aftermath was caught on camera and Teeter called ABC News affiliate WLOS to tell her story.

She is a veteran of protests that go back many years and has never been hit or subjected to violence before.

At the end of her contact with WLOS, she asked them a question she clearly wanted everyone out there reading this to ask themselves:

"She asks if people find a Trump supporter punching her in the face deplorable."

Several news media like the NY Times have been reporting on the violence at Trump rallies and how Trump incites the attendees but so far there has been no attempt by the Trump campaign to change how he behaves at rallies. The only thing Trump spokespeople have done in response is to deny that he is deliberately inciting attendees to violence.

The NY Times posted this video after a year of research into what Trump rallies are like. It's clear from this video that Trump and the campaign are very aware of what happens at his rallies, they just don't care:

Now his supporters are beating up on elderly people on oxygen. To answer Shirley Teeter's question, yes, they are deplorable.


More News links to the story:




Hillary has pneumonia? Could be worse. She could have vomited on the Japanese Prime Minister

See 1:20 for the SNL Interpretation.

I've been away on vacation so let me get this straight, I should fear Taco Trucks now?

At least according to Trump and Latinos for Trump? http://goo.gl/oyeoK6

And Latino's for Trump? Isn't that like chickens for Colonel Sanders?
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