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all american girl

all american girl's Journal
all american girl's Journal
March 14, 2012

Just wondering....is there a way to have a march on Washington for women and men who supoort them

With all this crap that is going on around the country, I'm wondering if we shouldn't let our voices be heard.

March 9, 2012

I'm so tired of the Slut Shame

I'm tired that if a woman wants BC, she's a slut
I'm tired that if a woman enjoys sex, she's a slut
I'm tired that if a woman has a baby and not married, she's a slut

Why is it that to talk about BC, it can only be about a medical condition, and not controlling births...that makes us a slut.

Why is it, you are not a good woman, if you don't want to have a bunch of children, or better yet, no kids at all...you want sex without consequences, you are a slut.

Why is it that we're are not suppose to speak about the fact that we, as women, we actually like sex, and want it...you are, my friend, most certainly a slut.

I'm fed up and sick of stick it up the as people saying that we are sluts. Your religion and morallity stops at my uterus...nothing more, nothing less.

Thanks for letting me rant.

December 12, 2011

New to all this

I have been lurking here for years, never remembering what my password or user name was. I am now feeling a bit nutty and want to ask a question . I probably have this in the wrong place, so I will apologize now. Newty said that Palestinians were "invented," what is he talking about? I did about a second of research, and it seems to me, that different this region has been called Palestine, or versions of that name, since nearly the beginning of time. I don't want this to be about the Israeli/Palestinian relationships, but I want to understand what this "historian" is saying. I realize that he is sending out a dog whistle to the right wing christian folks, but he must, be it may only be in his mind, has a reason. (Also, I use the term historian very, very, very loosely when applied to him. I've been married for 20 years to my husband, who just happened to have his BA in history...and Newty is no historian)

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