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Member since: Thu Jan 20, 2005, 09:46 PM
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Back in the 80s I worked at a hospital that had the tube system and this big chain system that would

send supply carts flying all over the hospital.

When I went to interview there, they showed me that system, it was super impressive like going to a carnival. Came to find out, that they only turned it on for "dignitaries" (which I was not one, just a graduate student looking for a job), the media, donors, etc., because it just didn't work very well. Cracked me up, but taught me not to believe anyone putting on a show.

I think the kept the tube system, though.

Here's the relevant section of Ga Law that has been in place for years.

O.C.G.A. § 21-2-217

(b) In determining a voter's qualification to register and vote, the registrars to whom such application is made shall consider, in addition to the applicant's expressed intent, any relevant circumstances determining the applicant's residence. The registrars taking such registration may consider the applicant's financial independence, business pursuits, employment, income sources, residence for income tax purposes, age, marital status, residence of parents, spouse, and children, if any, leaseholds, sites of personal and real property owned by the applicant, motor vehicle and other personal property registration, and other such factors that the registrars may reasonably deem necessary to determine the qualification of an applicant to vote in a primary or election. The decision of the registrars to whom such application is made shall be presumptive evidence of a person's residence for voting purposes.

And even if they are denied above, which likely won't happen unless someone moves to the state just to vote, as some GOPers and people right here have suggested, the article in this thread also says that-- "If the registrar cannot determine whether the applicant properly resides in Georgia, the rule directs them to process the application but mark it as “challenged,” and to initiate a hearing."

I was on that one too. The formatting was really bad. In any event, since I could not tell what was

going on, so I canceled.

For one reason, I seldom block posts unless the alerted post threaten someone or is a vile message. Just about anything else can be handled by rebuffing or rebutting the original poster if one doesn't agree with it.

Similarly, I seldom block posts that someone alerts saying the post is "pushing right wing talking points." Just because one says they don't support say mandatory Medicare-for-All, it is not a "right wing talking point." That "right wing talking point" is overused here and is usually just someone who doesn't like someone's opinion. We should welcome most opinions even if we strongly disagree. As above, if you don't agree with them, say so in a rebuttal post.

Another thing, it used to be that one could go back to the original thread before voting so that a jury member can determine the entire context of the alerted post. Since we can no longer do that, I seldom vote to block a post. As above, if you don't agree with the post, say so. Also, under the old system, you could actually write a comment about why you decided to hide or allow. And the alerted poster got to see those (but not the juror's name). I really liked that.

I'm a little more strict on thread titles because a lot of people just read those and not the thread. Thread titles should be accurate and fair.

In any event, you don't get disciplined for canceling out of a jury.

Oh, I have only alerted on one post in 15 some years here. It was one of mine that I thought better of later.

It'll take a few more votes, but it's done. Everyone is afraid of going down in history like this -

I'm sure no one wants to hear this, but I'm not sure those 300K ballots exist.

Philadelphia Inquirer:

“But it’s likely that these statistics seem worse than they actually are, the officials said. To quickly get ballots to election officials this week, the service bypassed its processing center in Southwest Philadelphia. Instead, employees in local post offices manually sorted and postmarked the ballot envelopes, then immediately delivered them to boards of elections the same day, according to postal officials.

However, this meant those ballots were likely scanned in, but never scanned out, since they bypassed the rest of the system. Or as the service put it, the “local turnaround” "expedites delivery, but is not captured in service performance data.”

“Additionally, given the extraordinary measures the Postal Service instituted this week to ensure the timely return of ballots, the stark drop-off from last week to Tuesday doesn’t appear to add up. Employees at the Southwest Philadelphia said that Postal Inspectors had monitored daily ballot returns for the last week. . . . . .”


No one has found any proof of these 300K ballots not being delivered. If someone has a citation, would love to see it. Also, if they exist(ed) that means local postal employees did it. DeJoy is as ignorant as trump, but he wasn’t at all these post offices to hide ballots.

trump is right that hospitals get more money for CV19 than say viral pneumonia. But

But there are some severe penalties for falsifying records if the patient doesn't have CV19 or that is not the main reason for them being in the hospital.

Essentially, there is an average payment rate for each kind of disease (with modifications for comorbidities and other factors). CV19 pays more than pneumonia, appendicitis, etc. But Medicare and other payers review claims for reimbursement for evidence of so-called upcoding to achieve enhanced reimbursement.

However, doctors don't get paid more for a given type service based upon diagnoses. He's totally wrong there.

Like everything with trump, he heard something and didn't care about the facts. It sounded like a good excuse for his poor handling of CV19.

Rather than simply accept junk I read on internet, I like to do a little research.

We have roughly 6,000 flat sorting machines. They operate about 17 hours per day. They handle 35,000 pieces of flat mail per hour.

But let's be conservative and assume it's:
5,000 machines
30,000 pieces per hour
8 hours a day.

To save you the math, that's 1.2 Billion pieces a day, running at less than half of average.

The Postal Service processes and delivers 472.1 million mail pieces each day. We have a lot of excess capacity.

Unfortunately, there is no one article that provides all of that. Here are a few that provide the stats above, and I have verified it with other articles over the months:




Or you can simplify a bit of the math from this statement by the American Postal Workers Union (which should know):

"According to a grievance filed by the American Postal Workers Union and obtained by The Washington Post, the USPS was poised to decommission 671 of the massive machines, roughly 10% of its inventory, and capable of sorting 21.4 million pieces of paper mail per hour. The Postal Service, by comparison, processes as much as 500 million items each day.


I'd suggest questioning a lot of stuff you read on the internet.

I think it will come down to the first shooting. Did the police wannabe, armed Prick just shoot him

for the heck of it, or was he "attacked." Depending on that, the other shootings are either people trying to stop a murderer or the Prick shooting attackers.

The guy who was shot in the arm was armed --


Whatever, we have to get armed people off the streets. Personally, I'd lock the little police wannabe, white wing militia Prick up just because he showed up at protest with a rifle, wears his cap backwards, and is clearly a POS. But the trial will be interesting.

It might be best for their optics if they put them back. But, honestly, the numbers

just don’t justify putting those already removed back. We probably have twice as many sorters needed, at 6,000 remaining.

And we’ve removed 240,000 Blue boxes since 1985. And just about every mailing address is their own mail drop off. It’s not new.

I’m satisfied letting GOPers take some heat. But, I think we are hurting peoples’ confidence in voting system by making too much of this. And that will ultimately hurt us relative to GOPers.

Plus, we’ve let more important issues languish over the past week with USPS threads, like Senate Report, CV19, people have gone with unemployment relief for a few weeks, etc.

No. First, I'm tired of people diminishing confidence in the voting system, which causes

people who haven't voted before to just say "why should I vote, now."

Second, I don't think we have to be as gullible as GOPers, and I don't think easily disproved conspiracy theories help us.

Third, the post office has removed mail boxes, moved sorting machines, locked mailboxes at night in certain areas, tried to minimize overtime, etc., for years. Suddenly, it's all new and everything they do is some big conspiracy theory that began in 1985 when they first started removing blue mailboxes.

Fourth, trump and Putin are loving the chaos. trump is just mocking us with most of the crap he says about the Post Office.

Fifth, if the post office really did slow up the mail, it would likely hurt GOPers worse. If they haven't realized yet, they will.

Finally, I want to win big in November and I believe this ain't helping, if for no other reason there are more serious things going on and we've go more threads related to the Post Office than CV19, people needing unemployment, etc.

Here's some post office boxes locked up in 2016, it's not new:

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