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Member since: Thu Jan 20, 2005, 09:46 PM
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I think it will come down to the first shooting. Did the police wannabe, armed Prick just shoot him

for the heck of it, or was he "attacked." Depending on that, the other shootings are either people trying to stop a murderer or the Prick shooting attackers.

The guy who was shot in the arm was armed --


Whatever, we have to get armed people off the streets. Personally, I'd lock the little police wannabe, white wing militia Prick up just because he showed up at protest with a rifle, wears his cap backwards, and is clearly a POS. But the trial will be interesting.

It might be best for their optics if they put them back. But, honestly, the numbers

just donít justify putting those already removed back. We probably have twice as many sorters needed, at 6,000 remaining.

And weíve removed 240,000 Blue boxes since 1985. And just about every mailing address is their own mail drop off. Itís not new.

Iím satisfied letting GOPers take some heat. But, I think we are hurting peoplesí confidence in voting system by making too much of this. And that will ultimately hurt us relative to GOPers.

Plus, weíve let more important issues languish over the past week with USPS threads, like Senate Report, CV19, people have gone with unemployment relief for a few weeks, etc.

No. First, I'm tired of people diminishing confidence in the voting system, which causes

people who haven't voted before to just say "why should I vote, now."

Second, I don't think we have to be as gullible as GOPers, and I don't think easily disproved conspiracy theories help us.

Third, the post office has removed mail boxes, moved sorting machines, locked mailboxes at night in certain areas, tried to minimize overtime, etc., for years. Suddenly, it's all new and everything they do is some big conspiracy theory that began in 1985 when they first started removing blue mailboxes.

Fourth, trump and Putin are loving the chaos. trump is just mocking us with most of the crap he says about the Post Office.

Fifth, if the post office really did slow up the mail, it would likely hurt GOPers worse. If they haven't realized yet, they will.

Finally, I want to win big in November and I believe this ain't helping, if for no other reason there are more serious things going on and we've go more threads related to the Post Office than CV19, people needing unemployment, etc.

Here's some post office boxes locked up in 2016, it's not new:

If it makes you feel better, he lost $20+ Million in past two days. If he sells

the stock, heíll pay taxes and at much higher rates if he does it in next year or so; assuming Kodak shares remain above $5 or so, we are pretty much guaranteed to get the loan repaid; and weíll be bringing some jobs home from foreign countries.

And, if the deal broke any laws ó and thatís a big ďifĒ since this looks, at least on surface, like a common big tech arrangement that saves a struggling company lots of money if things donít work out this way ó itíll be easy to prosecute.
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