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Member since: Thu Jan 20, 2005, 09:46 PM
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Amazon paid zero taxes. That's different from Bezos and millions of

stockholders. They pay taxes.

Under current tax laws, right or wrong, young companies get accelerated depreciation and deductions for research, etc. That stuff, we often call loopholes, has been approved and promoted by Democrats and GOPers over the years to spur jobs and the economy.

When those accelerated deductions fizzle out, Amazon will pay taxes, but perhaps offset by continued growth.

In the meantime, the US Treasury has collected tens of billions from stock sales, people who helped build Amazon (Iíll grant you some employees on the lower end did not fare as well) paying taxes, etc. And they built a damn delivery system that helped a lot of people during the pandemic.

Again, Iím for more Bezos, albeit taxed properly including a minimum tax for companies like Amazon.

Yes, Sen Warren, Amazon doesn't pay a lot of taxes. But Bezos does.

He pays when he sells stock to fund his lifestyle. Plus, every time some small or large stockholder sells his stock, they pay taxes.

When Bezosí xwife gives billions to charity, she pays taxes, although she often gets a deduction.

Amazon ó what most call Bezos ó will eventually pay taxes on income as startup, research, etc., deductions phase out.

I donít despise Bezos. In fact to fund all the stuff we want/deserve, we need a bunch of Bezos.

We just need to increase their taxes.

They should definitely have the right to sue. Gun profiteers pay big bucks to lobbying organizations

like the NRA to spread lies, attempt to buy legislators, promote buying gunz, run ads like the one below, promote violence, etc. Heck, yeah, there are grounds for lawsuits.


Feel the same. Dream on.

There are hundreds of articles out there on how trump would be removed from office because he colluded with Russians, paid hush money to porn stars, Cohen, Flynn and Manafort would flip on him, Mueller would take him down, Ukraine would be his downfall, Epstein would get him, theyíd get him in impeachment, extorting votes from state officials, Jan 6 insurrection would nail him, and much more.

If those didnít bring him down, a scheme run by trumpís CFO and Controller likely wonít either. Sorry, I wish it would. But it wonít.

Sorry, but I don't see how this is devastating. First, how hard is it to get to the right precinct?

I think Democrats are smart enough to get that right. Those few who can't determine their correct precinct should be able to call local Dem organizations for help.

Nor, do I see it a particular problem to deliver your own ballots, either in person or putting in in the mailbox outside your door.

Now, I don't believe the laws were necessary, but they are not devastating unless we think Democrats are stupid or helpless. Now, if the Supreme Court rules something like you have have a chip implanted to vote, we've got a serious problem. But they aren't going to rule that.
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