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CaliforniaPeggy's Journal
CaliforniaPeggy's Journal
October 31, 2014

I have a new lens!

My wonderful, contest-winning shot cost me my old lens. The Antelope Canyon's floor is a very soft, fine sandy material..............and it floats so easily. You can barely see it. That dust got into my old Tamron lens and rendered it too costly to fix.

So, today, my wonderful husband took me to my favorite camera store where he bought me a new Tamron zoom lens. It's 16--300 mm with mechanical stabilization. I am about to take it outside and test it thoroughly.

I may post some of my results later...

October 30, 2014

Here is one more birthday picture of WCGreen, taken by his sister:

He was having a very good day indeed!

October 26, 2014

****WCGreen Update --Sunday October 26, 2014****

From his wife, Laurie:

A Christopher Green update:

Since I cannot drive due to my broken leg, I have been trying to talk to Chris on the phone. Last night we spoke several times during the Buckeyes game. It was almost like being together.
He told me he heard he has at least two months more left in the hospital.I figured as much as he has bounced back and forth between the ICU and Step down unit. Let's all hope and pray he stays where he is in room 6 on Unit 51 in J building of the Cleveland Clinic.

Tomorrow, friends have an appointment at the clinic and are taking me. They will come visit Chris afterwards. Normally, I would have to go home with them. I spoke to the social worker last week, and tomorrow she's bringing me taxi cab vouchers. So, I can stay as long as I want, take a cab home and only have to pay the tip! Yahoo! So, if you can give me a ride down, i do not need one back! Please think about it.

One more thing. I was told by the doc I can use my bad leg! I can do so much more.

Here are Two shots of Chris on his birthday wearing his Buckeyes hat and Spiderman glasses. He's talking now!

The pictures are now posted; see them below! Posts #14 and #16.

October 20, 2014

Hey, everybody...I just got off the phone with Laurie, WCGreen's wife...

She called to remind me that Wednesday the 22nd is his birthday!

You all may remember that he's a little depressed these days, due to setbacks and the long hospitalization he's enduring, and she thinks that he'd love to have some birthday cards from his friends.

So, I have her permission to post his address so you can send him a card.

Christopher Green


9500 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland, OH 44195

Let's show him some DU love!

October 19, 2014

****WCGreen Update --Sunday October 19, 2014****

From his wife:

A Christopher Green update:

The Green family had a nice time when Steve (Chris' brother) came up from Columbus yesterday. Amy (his sister) and Eric picked me up and we met at the Clinic.

At first, Chris was receiving dialysis. It was very crowded in the room with my added wheelchair, and the large added dialysis machines. Chris was fighting off sleep as dialysis is very hard on the body, especially the heart and kidneys. Steve was tooling around in the wheelchair.. We went to lunch, then went back to Chris.

Amy asked me if I wanted to stay; they would pay for a cab to take me home! We were so excited to get more time together!

October 12, 2014

****WCGreen Update -- Sunday, October 12, 2014****

From his wife. This is a much more comprehensive update than we've seen before. She's talking about issues from the very beginning, back in January. You may be surprised at what she's saying here.

A Christopher Green update:
I would like to give an overview of Chris' condition.

Chris is in J 51 room 9, his step down unit.

He still has his old bug in his trachea, and it has migrated to his new lungs. It is presently dormant. Let's hope and pray it stays that way, because we have been told it is antibiotic resistant, He currently has no infection anywhere.

He gets Physical Therapy every weekday. Their goal is to get Chris walking. He has stood, but his feet and back of his legs are very tight.
He gets dialysis 3 times a week (T, Th, Sat.). This dates back to the myriad complications from the original operations.
He continues to enjoy music therapy and play his guitar.
He has a pressure wound on his tail bone and the docs continually brainstorm what is best for Chris.
As this is the 9th month of his hospitalization, he has some depression. He has a good relationship with the pysch doc.
He is frequently tired due to dialysis, depression, etc.
This can affect his staying on the respirator. They continually wean him, and have started trying the trac collar (necessary for talking). This is very important to me because I am home bound with my broken ankle, only allowed 25-50% weight on it and not allowed to drive for 6-8 weeks. Any help with a ride to see him would be greatly appreciated. Who wants to visit him? Please consider bringing me too! Thank you!

October 4, 2014

We live in America. Wasn't there a time when we stood for the right of everyone to vote?

I read these posts about how the Republicans are suppressing our inalienable right to vote.

And I feel as though I've been transported to some alien America, where fascism rules and the 1% gets their way.

It feels like a nightmare...

And I am afraid we will never wake up from it.

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