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CaliforniaPeggy's Journal
CaliforniaPeggy's Journal
July 25, 2018


July 24, 2018

Found this on Facebook--shared with permission.

Another great comment on another FB page.
Shared with permission.
Please feel free to share,
By Gary Basham

I am a Republican, but I could not, in good conscience, and did not, vote for Donald Trump.
I try to understand those who did vote for Donald Trump, as there are many legitimate reasons why they did so: concerns over jobs, border security, terrorism, etc. are real and pressing issues. However, despite the fact that many voted for him with good intentions, the dangers of Donald Trump are real, and we must as a nation now come to terms with what we’ve done.

His supporters would rather see America destroyed than admit they were wrong. I have voted Republican all my life. My morals and faith wouldn't allow me to vote for Trump because he's a liar and a racist. I cannot put party before my beliefs. I served for 26 years in the military and view it as my duty to do what's best for America. It's pretty simple to me - if I fall in line and support a racist president, I am supporting racism. I cannot do that. I have biracial children. I am in an interracial marriage. I served alongside every race and religion during a 26 years military career including combat deployments. We are in trouble here. We need to come together and get him out of office for AMERICA

Donald Trump is dishonest.
Donald Trump lies compulsively.
Donald Trump has no moral compass.
Donald Trump is small-minded, and vindictive.
Donald Trump is a fatalist, whose philosophy in life is “screw or be screwed”.
Donald Trump has no history of Faith, yet now professes to be a true Christian.
Donald Trump has no history of being Pro-Life, yet now poses as an anti-abortionist.
Donald Trump embodies the rich elite, aloof “1%”, yet now postures as a “man of the people”.
Donald Trump evaded Military Service, yet now claims he understands ISIS better than our Generals.
Donald Trump’s companies declared bankruptcy on numerous occasions.
Donald Trump took advantage of every conceivable loophole in our tax codes.
Donald Trump took on massive amounts of debt that his companies couldn’t possibly repay.
Donald Trump’s business abuses contributed materially to the Financial Meltdown/Great Recession.
Donald Trump is leading the effort to roll back the very same Dodd-Frank regulations that were designed to keep us from ever again being subject to this type of financial abuse by Wall Street/Big Business.
Donald Trump is embracing in that effort the very same Jamie Dimon, billionaire banker and Head of JP Morgan Chase, who was one of the leading villains in the 2008 Financial Meltdown/Great Recession.
Donald Trump has been compromised by the forces of extremism. When the media was uniformly against Trump, the only news agency other than Fox that embraced him was Breitbart News. The resulting relationship with Steve Bannon is perhaps the gravest concern of all.

The world is laughing at us. We've made a mistake. Instead of pointing fingers, or assigning blame let's fix this. This country belongs to US, not Donald Trump or any party

If you think all these Russia connections are just a coincidence, you must be an idiot.

Russia intervened to get Trump elected NOT because they like him and will find him easy to deal with but because they needed him to destabilize America, weaken it and thus make Russia a bigger and stronger player in the international stage. A weak America will enable Russia et al to upset the existing world order, something the Soviets couldn't do in 40 yrs of cold war.

Where IS the line for Trump supporters? At what point does America come before party?

There are no Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, or Greens anymore. You are either an American or a Trump supporter. You can't be both. You either love America, or you love this corrupt

July 22, 2018

Tonight's Moon!

July 19, 2018

I found this on Facebook and it's excellent:

Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky exposed "a $230 million fraud against the Russian treasury carried out by a criminal organization operating in collusion with corrupt Russian officials," according to The Daily Beast. For his trouble, Magnitsky was tortured and beaten to death in a Russian prison and then posthumously tried and convicted of the very crime he had uncovered. "Brazen," thy name is Vlad.

One of Magnitsky's clients, financier Bill Browder, wanted justice for Magnitsky, so he pushed for what became the Magnitsky Act, a series of sanctions against Russian oligarchs that had real teeth, and were later compounded by similar sanctions from other nations. For local reference, the infamous "Trump Tower" meeting was about getting those sanctions lifted after Trump won.

Russia wants Browder's ass, along with the ass of anyone who helped him get the Magnitsky Act passed into law. Remember during that preposterous Helsinki presser when Trump said Putin had made "an incredible offer"? Putin would let Mueller's people indirectly question agents involved in the election meddling, and in return, Trump would allow Putin to get his hands on the people involved in the creation of the Magnitsky Act.

That list includes Jonathan M. Winer, former U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state for international law enforcement; former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul; David Kramer, formerly the president of Freedom House and assistant secretary of state for human rights under George W. Bush; and senior Senate human-rights staffer Kyle Parker.

Huckabee Sanders publicly said they are considering accepting the offer ... to ship a former US ambassador and several other US citizens/former officials to Russia and the tender mercies of Vladimir Putin.

July 17, 2018

Yavin4 has posted part of this. Here's the rest, the complete post.

Share-worthy message seen on another site:

"Stop focusing on Trump. That's right. Stop focusing on Trump.

Trump's existence is solely based on the Republican donor class. If those donors want him gone, they would instruct the Republicans controlling congress to go after him. Ryan, McConnell, etc. are nothing more than puppets for their donors. They're not afraid of Trump's base. They're afraid of their donors.

Trump's treason is not being curtailed by congress because the Republican donor class and other top 1%ers want to move this country to the Russian model where we are ruled by oligarchs with a strong man leader keeping order and control. Any other president would be facing massive, televised, public congressional hearings with subpoenas right now.

So, ask yourself, why aren't there hearings? Where is the congressional over sight? The answer is NOT Republican primary voters. They can control these folks if need be. The answer is the Republican donors endorse Putin's style of government and want it for America. Heck, we're already about 65% of the way there." (Yavin4)

Good points. The Trump mess does lie at the feet of the GOP -- voters, politicians, donors.

However, power corrupts, and with the way Big $$$ controls politics, this corruption flows into all parties. .

I think we need to focus on CORRUPTION, wherever it lies, weeding it out of every nook and cranny, not being overly focused on teams. Trump is at the top and buried alive in corruption, but it's all over the place.

That said, this batch of GOP is corrupt AF -- so many are complicit in what we're seeing -- which is why many conservatives of integrity have started a movement to vote for only Democrats in November and in 2020. The rot has taken over the GOP. Where we are is the natural progression of submitting to an increasingly extreme right-wing base. (And if anyone with a D is caught up in the Mueller investigation, that's fine too. It's not about teams - it's about democracy versus fascism/authoritarianism/kleptocracy.)

To keep it solely focused on Trump gives a lot of corrupt, treasonous people who have known what's going on all along an out -- and they don't deserve an out.

A whole lot of people need to accept responsibility for their role in where we are. I hope those who are complicit are indicted.

I wish silence on the part of those in power in the face of such evil could be indictable. I'll say again that even average citizens who remain silent are complicit, the "good Germans."

We're talking about an international crime syndicate whose values, beyond raping and pillaging, are a unified global white supremacist fascist movement.

Time to wake up, pay close attention, and speak out.

July 17, 2018

Representative Ted Lieu issued this statement on the Helsinki Summit:


"What Trump did today was utterly shameful, and a slap in the face to the professionals in the Department of Justice and our intelligence community. Today we watched a U.S. President offer total deference to a hostile foreign power while attacking U.S. institutions. By refusing to admit that Russia attacked our Democracy, or that Russia did anything wrong whatsoever, Trump is disturbingly regurgitating the Kremlin's talking points.

The whole thing at the link above.

July 16, 2018

The Moon with Venus, Tonight.

I had heard that these two would be close together tonight just before sunset, and when I went outside, there they were.

Hope you enjoy!

July 8, 2018

I think we can all use something uplifting and also true in these dark days.

I found this video on Facebook and was really moved by it. It's about a man who sees his favorite beach covered in trash and plastics, and who decides to do something to clean it up.

It seems unbelievable..........but it's true.

It gave me hope for humankind.

I hope it will for you as well...


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