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CaliforniaPeggy's Journal
CaliforniaPeggy's Journal
May 1, 2022

From my recent trip: Food Porn!

Now and then, I would remember to record what we ate, whether AndyS cooked it, or when we were eating out. Following are some of those photos.



Bon Appetit!

A shrimp recipe (don't recall the name) plus salad and French Bread, at Andy's home:

A shrimp salad from a restaurant in Galveston:

More shrimp! Near the Rookery/High Island

Lunch at a local Dallas restaurant:

Dinner at Andy's: Shrimp stew with corn muffins and honey:

Healthy Dinner at Andy's: Chicken breast, asparagus and fresh cut corn:

Dessert at Andy's: Ice cream from the Blue Bell Creameries (so good!) with mint from his garden:

And just for fun: Local Sanitation Group at Work: Hey, they have to eat too!

May 1, 2022

I was rummaging around in old flower photos from 2015...

And I came across these flowers that I took at the Wayfarer's Chapel up in Palos Verdes where it overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

I was happy to see these again, and I wanted to share them with all of you.

I was using my Nikon D3200. Everything was on auto! Hope you enjoy my little wandering down memory lane...

April 28, 2022

I took many photos on my recent trip to Texas. Today, I've settled on these as some of the best.

Hope you enjoy!


Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret


American Alligator

April 28, 2022

Republicans crib from Putin's playbook--today's LA Times Op Ed.

By Kurt Bardella

The Republican Party has a clear vision for the future of the United States: one that’s white, Christian and fundamentally opposed to Western ideals of pluralism.

These goals certainly aren’t new. Since President Ronald Reagan tethered the Republican Party to the Christian right, the objectives have been obvious and the barriers to realizing them have slowly eroded. We’re currently standing at a precipice where the GOP, fully consumed by Trumpism, is closer than ever to codifying this vision.

And ironically, while Republicans have sought to alarm voters with ludicrous fears of Democrats wanting to enact “communism,” the America they want is much closer to that of Soviet and Putin’s Russia. In fact, the actions conservatives are embracing and what’s happening in Russia are so similar that comparisons cannot be considered hyperbole.

In both the USSR and modern Russia, homophobia is rampant and LGBTQ people are brutally punished for their existence. A common slur for gay men in Russian is the same word as that for “pedophile,” and Russian President Vladimir Putin has perpetuated the vile trope that gay people abuse children.


All of it at the link: https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2022-04-28/republican-party-adopts-russia-authoritarian-playbook

April 26, 2022

Mountain Top and Freeway Shots!

I recently returned home from my vacation. As my flight descended towards LAX, I saw these views. I quickly grabbed my iPhone and captured them!

It was fun and I hope you enjoy.

Unknown mountain with snow, probably in San Bernardino County:

The 110 Freeway, looking south:

The mighty 405 Freeway, looking south

Directly overhead the mighty 405 Freeway, looking south. The hill in the distance is the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

April 22, 2022

Local Sanitation Group at Work

We were heading out the other day, and we spotted a dead deer up on the grass. It was surrounded by this group of Black Vultures who were busy reducing it to a pile of bones!

They were concerned enough about me watching them, that they stopped eating to look at me. As soon as Andy drove away, they resumed feeding.

April 21, 2022

Today, Andy and I went to the Fort Worth Zoo. Alas, it was mostly a bust.

There were hordes of school kids, all of them shrieking and running everywhere. Half the zoo was boarded up and the places to eat were closed! So we walked till we couldn't take it anymore and then we left. I did get a few decent photos, and those are here. I was going to label these photos, but I hadn't taken the info photos for all of them.

In spite of all this, I hope you enjoy them for their own sake!

April 19, 2022


She's alive and well, and still looking for a permanent home.

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