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Member since: Sat Feb 5, 2005, 05:14 PM
Number of posts: 2,155

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Interlude for my dear Berners...

Still can't believe he's gone. I miss his unique genius and wisdom. Particularly poignant right now. Enjoy, my friends....

Dear Mr. Man

What's wrong with the world today?
Things just got to get better
Sho' ain't what the leaders say
Maybe we should write a letter

Dear Mr. Man
We don't understand
Why poor people keep struggling
But you don't lend a helping hand

Matthew 5:5 say,
The meek shall inherit the earth
We wanna be down that way
But you been tripping since the day of you're birth

Who said that to kill is a sin
Then started every single war
That you're people been in?
Who said that water
Is a precious commodity
Then dropped a big old black oil slick
In the deep blue sea?

Who told me, Mr. Man
That working round the clock
Would buy me a big house in the 'hood
With cigarette ads on every block

Who told me Mr. Man
That I got a right to moan?
How 'bout this big ol' hole in the ozone?

What's wrong with the world today
Things just got to get better
Dear Mr. Man, we don't understand
Maybe we should write a letter

Listen, ain't no sense in voting
Same song with a different name
Might not be in the back of the bus
But it sho' feel just the same
Ain't nothin' fair about welfare
Ain't no assistance in AIDS
Ain't nothing affirmative about you're actions
Till the people get paid

You're thousand years are up
Now you got to share the land
Section one, the fourteenth Amendment says:
No state shall deprive any person
Of life, liberty, or property
Without due process of law

Mr. Man,
We want to end this letter with a couple a words
"We tired a ya'll!"

If Bernie would continue as an INDEPENDENT...

...assuming he doesn't win the D nomination, what does that look like? How would it work? And does it make sense? As in, would it give Bernie a realistic chance of winning the Presidency?? I am not seeing this discussed in a serious way and I'm wondering if we should be considering it.

Time for another $27...


C'mon Berners!

Chris Matthews and the Steaming Smelly Cat Turd...

Just now on MSNBC, Trump told Matthews that there needs to be punishment for women who have abortions, and then also told him there should be NO punishment for the men who get women pregnant. Oh, and-- the cherry on top!-- Trump hasn't decided what the punishment is going to be yet!! As they cut to commercial break, the look on Chris Matthews' face was priceless. He couldn't even look at Trump, and his expression was just exactly as if he were sitting two feet from the biggest, nastiest, steaming, stank of post-tuna cat turd!!!!

(With apologies to all cats everywhere....)

Trump may have just nuked himself!!

M$M is NOT covering the Maine caucus. WHAT GIVES?

It's all over Twitter though.

MA margin of victory for HRC now only 1.42%!!

With 99.95% reporting. Wow... this one's another squeaker.

What the heck are Bernie Bros??

Are they even real? Or a figment of someone's imagination? I've supported Bernie with my time and my money for nearly a year and I don't even know what they are.

Just One.

I thought I would share this powerful poem that encouraged me and lit my activist spark about 10 years ago, when I heard it read by Carol Moseley Braun at an event I attended. I hope it does the same for you.

One song can spark a moment
One flower can wake a dream
One tree can start a forest
One bird can herald spring
One smile begins a friendship
One handclasp lifts a soul
One star can guide a ship
One thought can frame a goal
One vote can change a nation
One sunbeam lights a room
One candle wipes out darkness
One laugh will conquer gloom
One step must start a journey
One word must start each prayer
One hope will raise our spirits
One touch can show you care
One voice can speak with wideom
One heart can know what's true
One life can make a difference
One person just like you.

-Author unknown

Carol Elizabeth Moseley Braun (born August 16, 1947) is an American politician and lawyer who represented Illinois in the United States Senate from 1993 to 1999. She was the first and to date only African-American woman elected to the United States Senate, the first woman to defeat an incumbent senator in an election, and the first and to date only female Senator from Illinois. From 1999 until 2001, she was the United States Ambassador to New Zealand. She was a candidate for the Democratic nomination during the 2004 U.S. presidential election. Following the public announcement by Richard M. Daley that he would not seek re-election, in November 2010, Braun began her campaign for Mayor of Chicago.

SKINNER: DU Group to discuss provisions of ACA??

I've looked and don't see a group dedicated to discussion of the provisions of Affordable Care Act. With the application period starting October 1 of this year, I was thinking such a group would be useful for many here.

Please give a K&R if you agree. Thanks!

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