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Member since: Sat Feb 5, 2005, 05:14 PM
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Chris Matthews and the Steaming Smelly Cat Turd...

Just now on MSNBC, Trump told Matthews that there needs to be punishment for women who have abortions, and then also told him there should be NO punishment for the men who get women pregnant. Oh, and-- the cherry on top!-- Trump hasn't decided what the punishment is going to be yet!! As they cut to commercial break, the look on Chris Matthews' face was priceless. He couldn't even look at Trump, and his expression was just exactly as if he were sitting two feet from the biggest, nastiest, steaming, stank of post-tuna cat turd!!!!

(With apologies to all cats everywhere....)

Trump may have just nuked himself!!

M$M is NOT covering the Maine caucus. WHAT GIVES?

It's all over Twitter though.

MA margin of victory for HRC now only 1.42%!!

With 99.95% reporting. Wow... this one's another squeaker.
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