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Member since: Sat Feb 5, 2005, 05:14 PM
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The Donald Bombings?

I keep having this sickening thought creep into my head, and it won’t leave me alone. If this disgusting, orange scumbag will publicly incite Russia to hack our elections and incite his supporters to punch people, what on this Earth would stop him from hiring people to set off explosions and IEDs all over this country to scare people into a fear-induced tizzy in an effort to compel voters to vote for him???

The tough guy…. The Badass! … the terrible Strong Man!?!?

Even if it’s not The Don himself hiring hit men, surely ISIS would find this an attractive strategy as well. Is our nation being terrorized into voting against our own best interests? I think the answer is a resounding and shocking: YES.

What is this country REALLY up against with this election?

This thought has had my stomach upset all morning.
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