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Member since: Sat Feb 5, 2005, 05:14 PM
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A serious question...

Coronavirus is now running rampant in our towns and counties, indeed throughout this country. Feeding on our loved ones, neighbors, co-workers, children, grandparents in nursing homes, and virtually any breathing human in its path. We may as well have aliens parked on our neighborhood streets, kidnapping people, never to be seen again. We just don't have to see the gory truth because, well, hospitals. My own hospital of preference just had a refrigerated trailer delivered this past week. We are under attack.

A great many of us are locked down in our homes after losing jobs, and are now in a time-out of indefinite duration, helplessly hoping to come out of this with some semblance of our lives and health and families intact. Meanwhile we have a government that thinks a measly $1,200 should tide us all over for four months and counting. We are effectively imprisoned, and many without resources and food.

Our economy and our wallets have been dealt a devastating blow. Businesses shuttered forever-- the small ones folding first. Jobs evaporated nearly overnight. Airlines all but grounded. Americans are now prohibited from traveling to much of the world-- not for business, and certainly not for fun. Retirement plans, weddings, and family vacations all destroyed or postponed. The loss of travel dollars globally incalculable-- countless billions are lost and unrecoverable.

Most horrific has been the impact on our healthcare system and its frontline heroes. Straining this vital lifeline to its utter limits, the nurses and doctors working to save our stricken suffering themselves from PTSD, even if they don't also contract the virus, for years to come. And no available hospital beds for anything else but COVID. This benefits no one.

Or does it?

The cumulative negative impact of this pandemic in the U.S. has been more broad-reaching than any war or other catastrophic global event in a century. I dare say, ever. In the history of this nation.

With our nation literally under attack from all corners by a virus, the incomprehensible, ugly truth is we have no national, coordinated plan to contain, control and mitigate this beast and protect American citizens. Instead, we have politicians gaslighting, fudging numbers, and sitting on their hands. How is this possible?

Despite our President having the War Powers Act at his disposal, he still has not marshalled the manufacturing might and resources of this country to make adequate amounts of PPE for our heroic frontline healthcare workers and for the public. No mass production of test kits to protect, track and defend against this virus. No nationwide, massive contact tracing program to isolate and starve this beast of fresh bodies to infect. States are left on their own to fend for themselves.

All of this juxtaposed against an international backdrop of so many other countries who have successfully shown the way to bring this virus to heel. It is no mystery what needs to be done. We simply have a leader that refuses to lead, refuses to listen to the scientists or act in any way that is helpful, and refuses to do his job. More to the point, he refuses to protect and defend this nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

This is willful inaction. This, in fact, is dereliction of duty that constitutes an attack on all of us. Just as surely as watching a person drown and doing nothing will cause their death. In the hearts and minds of all Americans who care about this country, this seemingly self-inflicted mortal wound makes no sense on any level. Unless what is not being done, is done at the bidding of our enemies.

So, I ask again.... Who, in all the world, does this willful inaction resulting in a freefall of death and economic destruction-- this taking apart of America-- benefit?

More and more, I am overcome with a foreboding sense that this virus is being weaponized against all of us.

Please tell me how I am wrong.

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