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Hometown: Boise, Idaho
Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 01:42 PM
Number of posts: 19,288

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I hope the FBI is following

All the communication that are going on so they can track the sympathizers. Maybe the FBI could set up some entrapment stings like they have with Muslims in this country.

The YeeHawdists have way more in common with the 1% because you can't be poverty stricken and be a fatcat cattle rancher. It takes big bucks and they probably get government subsidies to grow corn for feed. The Koch bros, father was a prime mover in the John Birch Society and these Militant Revolt Terrorists are on the same page.

The Kochs would like nother more than to log the forests for free to make disposable paper products like Brawny paper towels. The whole effort is for the rich to grab the resources for free or cheap and deny the common man access to the natural wonder of undeveloped public land.

Selfish bastards.

It creates more income inequality

And that hurts us all. Do the math:

Sure because he's so rugged

If I were more talented I'd put this up in V&M as a straight up video. So if someone knows how, please steal the link and do it for me.


They have started

Punching each other out over "stolen valor" now.




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