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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Norfolk VA
Current location: Detroit MI
Member since: Fri Feb 11, 2005, 02:08 AM
Number of posts: 11,450

Journal Archives

I was lucky enough to gift "A Peoples History of the USA" by Howard Zinn

to three people...I still have 4 credits to gift to Bernie supporters.

This is an audible book..not a hard copy.

I found out you need an amazon.com account to download. I did not know that.

But if you would like to 'Hear' the book...it is in 5 parts, and retail is $60...but I only pay $11+ for each credit and LOVE me some Bernie supporters.

I know people are reluctant to give out real email addresses, but you get mine in exchange.

So click on the little envelope icon next to my name, and I will be happy to gift you (what audible calls it) the audio book.

If I offer to download an audiobook free..Howard Zinns History of the USA

in EVERY Bernie conversation, will that constitute spamming?

P.S. I will pay for the book

What does Acorn TV offer

That is not on HULU Amazon Or Netflix?

I have one credit at Audible.com, and will gift Howard Zinn's History of the USA to

anyone with the ability to upload it.

If I have more than one, the most compelling, then next month I will contribute to the next.

Is this about OUR poetry or about those been dead poets?

Am askin before embarrassing myself, cause I ain't dead!

We have seen how many Bernie voters will not vote for Hillary, but

we have not seen how many Hillary voters will not vote for Bernie!

Where are the polls?
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