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Member since: Wed Feb 23, 2005, 03:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,881

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Is it wrong to call the friend of a Facebook friend a Nazi? I did that today.

Don't know him. Don't want to know him. Don't even know her, but she's an excellent progressive and a great artist. And he popped up on a post she made today and told her that he loves her art but get over it, Trump won.

'There's no racism or misogyny', he writes. 'So you can't use that,' he said.

And the N-word just flowed from my fingertips to the very first comment box. Just that one word.

And sure, it got a lot of likes. She's got a lot of progressive friends. And I thought about it all day -- this guy I don't know -- jesus, maybe it's her boss or her neighbor, someone she actually sees every day --

Yeah, wrong one way. In the larger sense -- the Burn It All Down With Vlad Crowd that are fronting for the tide of human blood coming our way --

I don't know. Maybe if some of those early Weimar Republic Democrats had bared their teeth in public instead of letting the fuckers grab the stage forever there might have been a few less metric kilotons of human ash back in those days.

'There's no racism or misogyny', he writes.

That man's living inside of Fake News. I can see that whole world through those five little words there.

And I only have one word.

If you're going to San Francisco --

I feel this song more than ever. And you're all welcome here.

Three Words: California. Democratic. Supermajority.

That is all.


Broadening the path to long-sought deals on affordable housing, transportation infrastructure and climate change, California Democrats have again captured a two-thirds supermajority in both houses of the Legislature.

Enough late votes were counted in Southern California’s 29th Senate District for The Associated Press to project that Democrat Josh Newman defeated Republican Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang, R-Diamond Bar. The outcome gives Senate Democrats 27 seats, the supermajority threshold in the upper house. Assembly Democrats secured their two-thirds margin earlier this month.

Chang initially led balloting for the 29th, which is anchored largely in Orange County, but she slipped behind as officials tallied provisional and late-arriving mail ballots in the days after the Nov. 8 election. The latest update Monday put Newman 2,136 votes ahead.

With the victory, Democrats reclaimed the theoretical ability to pass taxes, amend political spending laws, move constitutional amendments to the ballot or enact quick-implementing legislation without Republican support.

I'm a little afraid of running across a vocal Trump supporter.

Because I'm afraid of letting my rage out. Never a good thing. I spend a great deal of time dealing with my father's 'gift' for murderous, intelligent violence, and the Event has left me with a too-thin veneer of civilized calm. I'm a large male with martial arts training, and I'm utterly grateful to live in a very Blue area (87.5%!), and to have no family or coworkers who will admit to voting for the Event.

That guy on the Delta plane? Would have been Sad. So Sad. Hijab denigrators? Proud racists? Better be in a large group, fuckers.

I feel for all the Blue souls in red areas. Think about them often, and send them Vibes.

I'm trying to moderate these impulses and avoid triggers. Meditation, exercise, thought-direction: anything I can do.

But I'm a primate deep down. We all are. Faced with a screeching baboon with bared teeth, it's going to be the fight of my life to stay remotely civil.

Goddamn it.

We're in the middle of an undeclared civil war. They're dreaming the most un-American dreams ever dreamed. They won't succeed, because they are by definition the Most Incompetent Among Us. Can't think their way out of a paper bag. Don't have anything but bad dreams and hatred in their hearts. They're grooving on this Fake Ascendancy -- by which I mean it's all based on methodically-planned long-term destruction of everything that makes America great -- education, diversity, civil behavior. They've been sewing these seeds all my life.

I realize that it's a trap, these violent impulses. It's the social virus that Vladimir installed in our culture. While we tear each other apart, Russia will rise.

Big test for me. Breathe. Overcome the primate. Endure.

And to my brothers and sisters awash in the hatred -- I think of you everyday.

Notes on the odd phenomenon of right wing trollery.

They love us. They love us SO MUCH.

Behind every one of these giddy giggling murderous freak's faces is a brain with a better person somewhere inside of it. Usually it's the left brain persona, because the right side tends toward hysteria, therefore the Psychopathic God that was Adolf Hitler. These better voices -- they generally know the truth about matters, but are helpless against the dominance of whatever demon it is that is in the driver's seat.

It is this buried American cultural moral compass that I am concerned with; it is generally childlike, a sort of stunted fetal liberal, held in stasis because it has never been allowed to breathe, but I think it is utterly attracted to the liberal world, and influences the dominant monster in whatever way it can.

I can't go the Breitbart. I don't want to hack Free Republic. I have never clicked on Drudge. It's fucking gross. Like some weird 1732 bad Mongolian beer dream with machines in it. Ewwwwwwwww.

I've never been interested in interfering with right-wingers except in person, with my voice. But the idea of monitoring their sites and hopping on to Facebook to cheer a hack, or to plan ways to silence them in some fashion, or to investigate and track their private lives somehow -- seems like a lot of ugly, gross, thankless work. Like mucking out a septic tank or something. Fuck. Maybe if somebody paid me.

And yeah, some of them are paid. But the others -- leaning over their keyboards with pounding hearts and gleaming eyes, using every skill they've ever learned to fuck with fellow Americans and enjoying it -- and I think only the absolutely sexual thrill that comes from violating social norms, from the destruction of something they perceive as good and honorable, can explain the serious attention they pay to us.

It's a one-way street. And I don't know how that's relevant to surviving the shit hurricane coming our way except to say I think many of them are aware that they've just committed what may be the most violent act in human history -- a vote for medievalism in a highly technological age in the most advanced nation that has ever existed.

That's what makes them so giddy. The thrill of being bad. The secret knowledge that they've damaged the chances for the survival of their species. And the love they show for our pain and fear -- it is the mixture of love for us and everything we represent mixed with the thrill of denigrating and defeating that which some better part of them knows to be right.

Mexico reacts.

I've been max angry since 12/12/00.

Not possible for me to have a lower opinion of conservatives. It's when they staged the first true coup the US has ever suffered, complete with the Brooks Brothers thugs and Jeb's finger on the scales. Terrible days.

But I have to admit, this has put pressure on the needle.

Orcs. Just orcs.

Immigrant Or Real American?


Someone's gotta say it. I LOVE THIS PLACE.

And I always will.

No matter what.

PS: "Get in the car, $%#$%#, we're going to make America great again" -- uhhhh no thanks, guys, it smells like stale borsht and secret longing in there. And the Magnificent Democratic Underground will never die. And we get that you hate that. You hate it so much that it makes you throw yourself down on the carpet and chew on it.

'Cause that's just what you guys do.

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