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Member since: Wed Feb 23, 2005, 03:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,881

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My band is charting on Reverb Nation; I request a little DU help to reach #1.

We're charting at #3 locally, #9 regionally, #218 nationally, and # 327 globally on the ReverNation Indie charts.

Please, give us a quick listen or watch one of the videos. Never been nearly this high up before. Very exciting.

The Murder Merchants on ReverbNation

Grateful for any help.


Roaming the streets of Sacto with a huge crowd of like-minded people is always a blast.

Would not miss this for the world.

And away we go!

'It will be a miracle if something terrible doesn't happen.'

From Digby:

The United States being unpredictable, bullying the world and keeping other countries off balance and unsure of whether we're going to blow up the planet may have precipitated world leaders treading carefully trying to figure out what's real and what isn't. But it won't last. A rogue superpower running roughshod will be undermined and eventually challenged. It's unsustainable.

Also, the president isn't -- shall we say -- cognizant of what he's doing. In fact, he's a fucking moron. That doesn't mean that he can't accidentally succeed in some respects. But let's just say the odds are against him vaunted "instincts" being beneficial for all of us in the long run. His instincts are narrow and feral, informed only by watching TV and inborn prejudice. It will be a miracle if something terrible doesn't happen.

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