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Member since: Wed Feb 23, 2005, 03:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,881

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On November 6th we vote on whether to become a Russian vassal state or not.

It's that simple. If the Blue Wave does not fully and completely reject this proposition, we will likely fail as a nation.

I prefer open warfare at this point. They may own our electrical grid and the minds of two fifths of our citizens, but they do not yet own our independence.

I'm ashamed it's come to this revelation of general weakness and poor reasoning skills. There will be a terrible price to pay if we cannot rise to the challenge.

There is a relevant historical example: March 12th, 1938.

The Anschluss.

I'm lifting a rum and coke tonight for Emmet Till.

Because we'd all like to be remembered at our best moment -- and that boy was a bright, fun-loving, smart kid with a beating heart.

His death was a tragedy. But his life was a flaming spark in the darkness.

Forget our death. What was our life?

Emmet! A little justice coming your way. I have thought of you often.

I'll bet his smile was shining and his soul was bright.

His Life Mattered.

They liked the original Red Dawn so much they had to try to make it come true.

"In our time, no foreign army has ever occupied American soil."

"Until now."

Hey, thanks a lot, GOP. You wrapped yourself in the flag, grabbed your bible, and got up to let them in the back door while we were sleeping.

"Wolverines!" That's us, BTW, not you. That's us liberal patriots. Not you idiot conservative turncoats.

Happy fourth of goddamned July to every good American that still believes in those gorgeous goddamned words what made us.
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