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Member since: Wed Feb 23, 2005, 03:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,887

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Escalator From The Top Floor.

Still the best depiction. A work of art.

And it will end just like this.

A short film I began writing the day after the election.

'Cascade' -- a budget killer-for-hire operating out of a fireplace store is warned by his cat he's about to be 'retired'. Set in the same world as the screenplay 'Weird Fresno' and inspired by the election of That.

Came out well. I'm proud of it. Excellent cast.

Smoke and ash drifted over my neighborhood all day today.

Hot, ugly, mean day here. People on edge everywhere. People driving crazy.

People going crazy -- a Trumpish cousin of a friend getting a divorce was insisting that his father-in-law is the Zodiac Killer, and that his ex is conspiring with black men on the internet, promising them sex in exchange for murdering him. She took all his guns -- all eight, including the AR-15, the illegal AK-47, the sawed-off -- how's he going to protect himself from all these black assassins?

I didn't want to start trouble with the guy -- he was talking a mile a minute, assuring me he and his ex are both off the meth now while displaying all the paranoia and the disconnected racing thoughts the drug triggers -- this is a man that should have zero guns. Zero. It made me think all the Trumpies must be stretched to the limit in a different way than we are -- you can live in that bubble until you step off the goddamned cliff and die in that bubble, or some survival mechanism kicks in and tells you to STOP. And when you're pledging allegiance to the Kremlin, that's the cliff-edge, baby. That's the Goddamned End Of It.

The smoke makes everything feel even more apocalyptic than usual. Checker at the Nugget smiles -- "I think I saw this movie on Netflix already.'


Rough day in NorCal.

OMG Quislings Anonymous started DU to concentrate the smartest Democrats in one place!!!

They're right behind you!!! Save




56-81635-i0=43iwgrepojw gjpowqj

Uhhh, sorry. Keyboard slipped.

Yeah, no. QANON is some four hundred pound guy in his bedroom in Kansas mad at his Obama-voting mom for making him take out the garbage.

You think I'm joking.
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