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Member since: Wed Feb 23, 2005, 03:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,887

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Midnight encounter with an ancient Russian Jewish space scientist Trump supporter.

Yeah, tell me about it.

Walking the dog Saturday night, I stopped to let him pass by. He asked about my dog, and we ended up in a mildly interesting conversation while we walked together. Family, Soviet history, German history, rocketry, microbiology -- his accent was incredibly thick and he struggled with words, but it was still reasonably fascinating.

Twenty years he's been in the United States. Divorced, left his kids and extended family behind to come to Davis of all places. Does SEO optimization and writes tech journal stuff. In 1965 he was building space launch vehicles, now he's got to be in his mid eighties at least and working from his home.

He said he was a Bill Clinton supporter but turned on him during the 'bombing of Belgrade'. Then he said he now thinks Donald Trump is the Best President Ever.

I ask him about Radovan Karadzic. Never heard of him. Doesn't want to discusss mass rapes or mass murders of villagers. All lies told by the New York Times and Washington Post, well known purveyors of Soviet-style propaganda, he said. He would know, he assured me. He did not believe the Soviet propaganda even at the peak of the commissar's power.

I want to know his sources. He resists. Not Fox, he insists. Not Hannity. Factual sources that prove Donald Trump is the Best and Barack Obama is the Worst.

What are they? Ah, let's change the subject suddenly. Everytime I ask for this fountain of fact he is drinking from, he dodges.

The Left is violent. The Left is the Darling of the NeoNazis. The Tax cuts have restored the nation to economic perfection! Liberals hate Jews and want them exterminated, there is proof. The Antifa are murdering everyone -- they are the fascists! Cohen and Manafort prove there is no collusion!

Yeeesh, I'm stuck in Crazytown with this old nutcake. I stayed civil and began the process of withdrawing, at one point just shaking his hand and saying goodnight and walking away. I did speak my piece before I left; I told him it was disconcerting that any intelligent person could find their way into such a poisonous and false reality, and that I hope he would read the Mueller report and at least consider that he has made a Terrible Mistake.

Mueller hires only rabid Democrats! Oy with this stuff.

Where are you getting all this? Right before I left, when I'd had enough, I zeroed in. Where would I go to read all of this crap?

"Russian online media."


Got it.

And I walked off down the street. Got home at one thirty after miles of walking. Dog got the best of it.

I wonder who the oldest and youngest members of Democratic Underground are.

Got to be someone over eighty in this crew. I wonder if there's anyone under twenty?

I stumbled across a local Fox channel's attempt to go after Rashida on YouTube, and the comments --

The internet equivalent of screaming and hair-pulling. Honestly, I avoid that crap but wound up there after watching a great CNN clip. The Fox clip was packaged for pure outrage, very selectively edited (they got nothin'), but the comments were where I realized how insane this is making The Base.

Their bubble is being pierced, shredded, torn to pieces. To believe in their cause now requires the equivalent of huddling in a corner of a closet. The fear, the utter rage, the open threats of violence, the absolutist religious horror --

I was of two minds about it. It's at least faintly possible that sooner or later there might be violence -- Cohen might be right about that. But it was also good to see some sunlight shining on that vampire pit. They need cleansing. They need to see what they've done.

Can't imagine what it must feel like to have a creeping realization that I might have betrayed my beloved nation to the Devil. That kind of guilt --

And that's what I saw in those comments. Realization of guilt, and the incoherent guttural scream of the Modern American Traitor.
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