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Member since: Wed Feb 23, 2005, 03:32 PM
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There is always a terrible cost to allowing fascism and nazism to propagate in any form.

They and all the primitive 'rule by strongman' ideologies (including authoritarian communism) inevitably result in mass death. Their methods were damaging enough to the tribes that embraced them before the advent of technology, but now they threaten the survival of the species.

I advocate zero tolerance for these beliefs and their public expression as a matter of law.

I was suddenly and forcibly reminded of this simple truth today. If we do not stamp them out now, the later cost will be measured in human heaps, misery, incalculable loss.

It is a demonstrable fact of history.

Randi Rhodes was suspended from YouTube for showing the Impeachment Manager's video.

For ninety days. No violation of any policy, just a rebroadcast of that excellent 13 minutes.

I have to say, this gives me pause. I don't watch Randi on YouTube, I just download the podcast everyday. She's my go-to for extraordinarily well-informed news analysis; there's a reason Walter Cronkite was one of her biggest fans.

As far as I know YouTube let the MagaNazis run rampant and allowed thousands of auto-registered Russian 'American Patriot' news channels broadcast bullshit every single day until they saw the political winds change and then did too little too late; but for them to shut down Randi like this is a bit of an act of darkness in my book. The 'algorithms' seem suspiciously un-American to me.

I don't have a great deal of trust in mass social media as it is -- haven't touched Facebook in a few years, and let my Twitter account go dormant. I stick to the mighty Democratic Underground, Randi Rhodes (who led me here in 2004), and the Majority Report with Sam Seder -- which means I'm more tuned in to hard fact than most people.

I'm going to write a little letter to team@youtube.com just because. One spark against the behemoth probably means nothing, but I'll do it anyway. I love Randi Rhodes, always have and always will. Sharpest knife in the drawer, that excellent human. She keeps my moral compass tuned up.

But this event makes me wonder who's home at YouTube. Algorithm Schmalgorithm, some human is picking and choosing, and this particular suspension is a bad sign that gives me a bad feeling.

There is no such thing as both sides. There's right and there's wrong, and it's pretty GODDAMNED OBVIOUS if you can think critically and have some decent history and a little solid science under your belt.

Hmmmmm. They've got me thinking things I don't think they want me thinking. Okay, YouTube. This was a mistake. I read about but didn't consume any of the Insurrectionist crap you let infect my nation, but now that you've messed with my media feed I see you a lot more clearly. This issue just jumped up a few notches on my list.
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