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Member since: Wed Feb 23, 2005, 03:32 PM
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How does he get away with it? None of us have seen anything like this during our lifetimes.

The common responses are: Shock. Dismay. Loud sounds. Threats! Then either the offender backs down or they don't. And he who does not back down generally wins. Depending on skin color and socioeconomic status, or course.

Think of prehuman tribal behavior -- lots of kabuki, not so much killing. Apparently nature rewards spectacle but not so much the act of violence, especially within a basic tribal unit. In our case it's a massive tribal unit, at least in theory -- and just like with the small tribe it all comes down to the combined emotional makeup and behavior of individual members, the sounds they make, the choices they make.

Every once in awhile a guy comes along who has an ability to do the kabuki better than anyone. He can stomp and shout, churn and burn, glower and take power beyond all other members of his tribe. Many submit to his kabuki -- it's just too impressive, too loud -- and over time, they become mildly programmed to hear his voice above all others.

And if that guy is a ultra-narcisisstic child-raping bloodthirsty beast, well -- the programmed just hear the voice, and see the stomping and churning.

But when that comes crashing down as rotted human structures often do, the survivors tend to mark that particular guy's type of kabuki as fricking dangerous and we gotta never do that. Mostly. A small percentage always loves bad kabuki, it's just genetic.

So they live long and prosper. But a couple of generations down the line everyone living has never seen such a thing and would never believe it could happen to them -- they are the futuristics, after all -- and when it does everyone steps back and displays shock and dismay, then loud sounds and threats. And if that doesn't work -- well, it happens all over again but in a different way.

Humans! Gotta love that million-year old subroutine stuff. If you don't read enough, you're doomed to repeat it.

I thought '10 years each'. I watched this and now I think 30 to life.

You have to sign in and accept to watch. It's quite brutal.

Every. Single. One. Goes to prison. Hunt them down. Try and convict and incarcerate for the fullest possible sentence -- charges should include murder, attempted kidnapping, and rebellion against the United States.

If we don't stand up now this Planet of the Apes mob will come back stronger. End them.

It will be a very different world when these primates get out of prison.

Presumably it will be no paradise, and I'm certain we have a long and difficult climb to sensible, sustainable civilization ahead of us, but when the Trump Terrorists emerge they will be relics.

There will have been no picnics in the park for them. No beer on a Saturday. No hunting, no driving around in the sticks, no camping.

Concrete walls, regimented life. Time. A lot of time. Time to watch as the world goes by without them outside those walls.

When Richard Barnett completes his sentence for stealing the Speaker's mail and stumbles out of the prison gates into the sunshine again he's likely going to be in his seventies.

I wonder if he'll still think it was worth it --

Let's make sure the answer is no. Let's make sure it's a legacy of shame.

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