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Trump is opening the floodgates of hate

By Peter Montgomery

The staying power of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy has surprised and unsettled people across the political spectrum. Many voters who are angry about the loss of middle-class jobs and frustrated with our broken politics have rallied to Trump’s outsider campaign.

There’s a darker side to Trump’s campaign that should disturb anyone thinking about supporting him: It’s electrifying and energizing the white supremacist movement.

“You can’t help who admires you,” says Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center. “But when white supremacists start endorsing you for president, you ought to start asking why.”

MORE HERE: http://yonside.com/trump-opening-floodgates-hate/

The Panama Papers: Why we should care

Panama has always been one of the best tax havens in the world - both during and after the reign of General Manuel Noriega - and Mossack Fonseca (run by a Swiss tax expert named Jurgen Mossack and his Panamanian partner, Ramon Fonseca) is one of the dominant players in the parallel world of tax havens.

In this sense, the unprecedented leak of nearly 40 years' worth of documents (more than 11 million documents on more than 210,000 companies, trusts, foundations, and world leaders), revealing that Mossack Fonseca offered its services to facilitate money laundering, tax avoidance, and criminal activity should surprise no one.

Offshore entities of this kind have been created precisely for fulfilling such roles for the rich and powerful that rule the world.

MORE HERE: http://yonside.com/panama-papers-care/

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