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Member since: Tue Apr 5, 2005, 09:55 AM
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Even MORE civil war talk in Freeper Nation (more proof that they are a nest of traitors)

The lunatic Adam Yoshida posted an excerpt from his new e-book, in which he fantasizes about glorious battle against the United States. And, of course, the Freepers are all for it.

The thread is here: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2990041/posts

Sample responses:

Iíve had this idea literally for years, and Iíve written about here at FR. The ideas motivating the conflict in our time and during the Glorious Revolution are the same, too... does the monarch (or the state) have unlimited authority, or should the authority of the monarch (or the state) be limited?

In any case... God help us.

Itís inevitable. Thereís no damn way we can co-exist with libtards.

Too many imagine some contest of arms, but that will not succeed without first creating a new ship of state, as our Founding Fathers did.

I believe the time has come, that for each county throughout each of the states, that county Tea Party should convene and choose 2 representatives to attend a Tea Party convention of their state, which will in turn debate and then consider and elect 2 representatives of their state, to attend a unique Tea Party national convention for the purpose of establishing a Second Continental Congress.

Setting the time and place for a first setting of the Second Continental Congress, then the unique national convention shall adjourn, and the representatives return to their states, where the Tea Party conventions of each state, will then take into consideration, who shall be their 2 representatives in the Second Continental Congress.

I believe, it is time to follow in the steps of our Founding Fathers, and create a new ship of state, to which our allegiance and love of our worthy American heritage and many foundations, shall transfer.

I believe, that *everybody* needs to see this preparation and action.

If the existing federal government fails us and takes one more step toward tyranny on which it has proven to be hell-bent, then we know, as Benjamin Franklin et al knew, it is time.

We must have a new democratic-republic to be where people can again be free from government tyranny, and we must, thru starting with a Second Continental Congress, make a good government, which will very likely be framed as the first but with a few refinements regarding how we may better limit government and that includes the courts.

Frankly, the assault of liberalism/leftism upon the US Constitution is an attack fomented from the outside by their allies on the inside. The liberals are the literal modern-day fifth column. Therefore the term ďcivil warĒ would not really be applicable.

It really wonít be defined as a Civil War. A second Revolutionary War is more of a correct definition.It then could turn into a hybrid Rev-Civ War if states start to fight each other.

Liberals have become a threat to all that I stand for.

Question: "Could a Second Civil War Happen?"
Answer: No.

Response: It will be a Social War,in essence Left vs. Right with a large racial element. The First American Civil War was a political war; i.e. could the States withdraw from the union at will.

I would propose that the Red States Caucus would vote to purge neo Europa, the states from New York, north and east. Once the Eurotrash is gone, America can be America and the Eurocrats can have Europe in North America.

Here in Louisiana we are ready for cw2 against the democrats/socialists

My son was forced to pray at a school-sponsored event; sucks to be agnostic in a Christian culture

So, here is the good news: My son attends an amazingly good inner-city school. The even better news: The school this year started an incredible chess program. In its first-ever appearance at the state tournament, his school brought hone four trophies, including two first-place trophies. My son was undefeated in five matches and his team was one of those that won the state championship in its category.

So far so good, right? Well, it is and I am very proud of my son and his classmates. The chess coach is amazing at what he does. But there is a problem.

I have known all along that the chess coach - arguably one of the best chess instructors in the country - is a serious holy roller. It's obvious. But frankly, I never had a problem with that till now.

At the chess tournament, the coach insisted on ending each of several team meetings with a prayer. And we are not talking simple, non-specific requests for blessings from the Almighty.These were prayers of the "in the name of Jesus Christ" variety. My son, knowing how I feel about such things, kind of squirmed.

I did not want to disrupt the event, but I complained to the assistant coach, who said he would give the coach a head's up about by feelings. That should have been the end of it, but it wasn't. The coach continued. And not only did he continued, but it got worse. At one point, when a couple of boys were not paying adequate attention to the prayer, he warned them that "there would be consequences" if they did not bow their heads and participate the next time.

My wife was at home and, when she heard about this, she was not as discreet as I was. She called the coach on his cell phone and (in her diplomatic way) asked him to cut it out. But he didn't.

The weird part (to me, anyway) was we I appear to be the only parents who objected to this. And I am sure the other parents will look at us now as the "party poopers." And, oh yes... did I mention that we are the only white parents in the whole group? That's going to be a complicating factor - at least I fear it will.

So, this sucks. I am taking this up with the school principal. But I don't expect things to go well.

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