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Member since: Tue Apr 5, 2005, 09:55 AM
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Vote Democratic

Maybe I should not say this here. I probably don't need to. But recent encounters in the real world make me want to scream this at lots of people:

If you don't plan to vote Democratic this fall, you are being a bad American. Full stop. No good American wants the country turned over to Trump and the psychotic Republican Party.

That is all. Proceed with the rest of your day.

The pointlessness of presenting facts to Trump supporters

In my recent experience, here's how social media conversations with Trump supporters tend to go:

Trumpite: Hillary Clinton did X! She should be in prison!

Non-Trumpite: That's actually not true. Here are three sources explaining what really happened.

Trumpite: You're an idiot lib-tard!

Non-Trumpite: Just show me some evidence that backs up your initial claim. In the meantime, here is a link to audited financials and other evidence that refute what you are saying.

Trumpite: Fuck off! You are a troll and a horrendous disgrace to America who probably loves ISIS. What I initially said is true and you're just a blind moron if you don't believe it. I win.

Facts really don't matter to them. Feeding their unfocused rage is all they care about.

Ohio amusement park might toss out 1.7 million board feet of wood

Cedar Point has no plans for the 1.7 million board feet that make up a roller coaster the park is closing down.

This is going to be a huge waste of valuable resources.

“Everyone has been asking what we’re gonna do with the wood,” says park spokesperson Tony Clark. “We’re taking it down. We’re not gonna really give it to anybody. We’re not going to sell it. We’re not gonna auction it. It’s gotta go. If that changes and we want to build some special chairs or furniture and sell it in the park, we’ll let people know, but I don’t think there’s big plans for that wood.”
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