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Member since: Tue Apr 12, 2005, 11:15 PM
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Steve Wynn, RNC finance chair, wore extremely short shorts so when he sat down......................


Several former employees said Mr. Wynn often walked around some areas of the complex in extremely short shorts without underwear, and he would sit in the salon to get pedicures in such a way that his genitals were exposed.

He paid $75 million in a rape settlement. Women on his staff were terrified of him.

Posted by womanofthehills | Fri Jan 26, 2018, 08:55 PM (14 replies)

Trump tweets Mexico is the number one dangerous country in world

Donald J. Trump


We need the Wall for the safety and security of our country. We need the Wall to help stop the massive inflow of drugs from Mexico, now rated the number one most dangerous country in the world. If there is no Wall, there is no Deal!
6:16 AM - Jan 18, 2018
Posted by womanofthehills | Thu Jan 18, 2018, 01:29 PM (11 replies)

I think I might have gotten some spikes in my car tires meant for a neighbor

My neighbor died with a messed up will and a friend inherited half of his property. This friend is having a hard time with a psycho woman who was living in the deceased neighbors guest house and claims the whole property is hers. (she is not in the will for the property.) Anyway, she took apart the water pipes going to the main house and did some other destructive stuff. So, my friend left town for the holidays and asked me to go feed the deceased neighbors cats. This is a very rural neighborhood (all dirt roads.)

Anyway, I go feed the cats and get a flat tire - 4 spikes in a row, almost touching each other. Spikes look a horseshoeing nails without the tops. Even if someone dropped nails, having 4 standing upright in a row???? I'm thinking spikes might have been placed in his driveway. Do you think i'm being paranoid?
Posted by womanofthehills | Wed Jan 3, 2018, 12:10 AM (3 replies)
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