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Sarah Kendzior - Good questions about Gates & Manafort being out and about

from the middle of the article......... “The Mafia White House”: My no-holds-barred interview on The Rick Smith Show

SK: One of those is the treatment of Manafort and Gates, who have been given the most lax treatment for two people who’ve committed conspiracy against the United States. We know that Gates is complying, that he’s helping with the investigation, we’re guessing in good faith that he gave up a lot of information in order to get those charges dropped. But, you know, they’re letting him travel around for spring break, and they just let Manafort out to attend a funeral. Back in December, they let Manafort off of house arrest entirely, including with no GPS tracking. This is a guy who has three passports and is hooked up with like every mobster in the world—and they just let him out, like he’s not going to immediately do something awful, and of course he did, and then they had to put him back on house arrest.

And I look at all this like, ‘This is just extreme naivete or incompetence,’ and either one of those makes me very uncomfortable. Maybe there’s some long game that I’m just not seeing, but you don’t let a guy like Manafort out. Not just because he deserves to be punished, but because he’s going to hurt people. He’s full of compromising information. He’s full of murderous intent. This is a guy with blood on his hands. So why are they being so cavalier? Why would he give these guys rights? And I have to say this—I live in St Louis, where people go to jail over a parking ticket and stay there for months because they can’t pay it. That part of me is very angry about it as well.

RS: Well I mean this is about power and money, at the end of it, and there’s also a part of me that goes, to both Manafort and Gates: “Don’t walk near any open windows.”

SK: Oh absolutely! That’s one of the things that’s really weird, is that they’re both assassination targets. They’re both flight risks. I could easily see especially Manafort just hitting the road or honestly probably getting into a boat and cruising on out to uncharted waters. But both of them are potential assassination targets, especially Gates, because he’s said to be cooperating. And if I were, not just Russia—everyone’s like ‘Russia’s going to go and kill him’—it could be Trump’s goon squad, it could be people in the United States who want this shut down.

Gates is in a very vulnerable position. And they go and announce the exact week of when he’s going to be out and about and the city that he’s going to—he’s going to Boston—and I’m like ‘Why? Why would you tell anyone that?’ It’s one thing if he had some, I don’t know, special thing he had to do and for whatever godforsaken reason they’re going to allow him to do it, but why do you announce that to the world? You’re basically almost putting a hit on him. I can’t stand this guy, but I don’t want him to die, in part because he’s one of the most useful witnesses we have. Can you imagine if he gets killed? The kind of conspiracy theories that are going to sprout up in our environment, what Trump, what all his people would do — it would just be a disaster. So I hope they’ve got their eye on the ball here, because if they don’t, we’re in a lot of trouble.

Posted by womanofthehills | Sat Mar 3, 2018, 12:33 PM (1 replies)

EPA wants to reverse protections that prevent children from handling pesticides

EPA weakens worker protections. Senators fight back -"Senators Udall, Harris and Blumenthal are asking their colleagues to join them in urging EPA to keep the new rules in place, to ensure the nation's two million farmworkers have the protections they need and deserve. Eight other senators have signed on so far."

In October 2015, we celebrated with farmworker unions and advocates when a much-improved Worker Protection Standard (WPS) was approved. The WPS is the only federal rule that protects farmworkers from exposure to hazardous pesticides on the job, and hadn't been updated in more than 20 years

Not surprisingly, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced that it is planning to put the new rules on hold.

Rolling back commonsense safeguards:

The minimum age requirement which prohibits children under 18 years old from mixing, loading and applying pesticides

The right of a farmworker to designate a representative who can request pesticide application and hazard information on their behalf.

The “application exclusion zone” (AEZ) which requires a 25-100 foot buffer zone between the application site and any worker or bystander (depending on the application method.)

Posted by womanofthehills | Tue Feb 27, 2018, 09:29 PM (7 replies)

Trump officials fight eviction from Panama hotel they manage

PANAMA CITY – One of President Trump’s family businesses is battling an effort to physically evict its team of executives from a luxury hotel in Panama where they manage operations, and police have been called to keep the peace, The Associated Press has learned. Witnesses told the AP they saw Trump’s executives carrying files to a room for shredding.

Representatives of the hotel owners’ association formally sought to fire Trump’s management team Thursday by hand-delivering termination notices to them at the Trump International Hotel and Tower, according to a Panamanian legal complaint filed by Orestes Fintiklis, who controls 202 of the property’s 369 hotel units.

Trump’s managers retreated behind the glass walls of an office where they were seen carrying files to an area where the sounds of a shredding machine could be heard, according to two witnesses aligned with the owners. The legal complaint also accused Trump’s team of improperly destroying documents.

The witnesses spoke on condition of anonymity over concerns they would be drawn into an expensive and protracted legal fight.

Posted by womanofthehills | Sun Feb 25, 2018, 04:08 PM (0 replies)

"Gates is in a safe house and nobody can find Manafort's family" - Puesto Loco tweet

Posted by womanofthehills | Sun Feb 25, 2018, 04:01 PM (9 replies)


Arkansas' ban on the use of a weed killer blamed by farmers in several states for crop damage will remain in place after a state judge dismissed a legal challenge by a maker of the herbicide.

Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza dismissed the lawsuit by St. Louis-based Monsanto seeking to block the state Plant Board's decision to ban dicamba from April 16 through Oct. 31. Arkansas has the toughest restriction in place on dicamba, though several states have imposed other restrictions or requirements.

Arkansas enacted the ban after receiving nearly 1,000 complaints last year about the weed killer drifting onto fields and damaging crops not resistant to the herbicide. Arkansas is one of several states where farmers have complained about dicamba drifting. Monsanto was also challenging an earlier rule that
specifically targeted its brand of dicamba. BASF and DuPont also make dicamba weed killers.

Posted by womanofthehills | Sun Feb 25, 2018, 01:22 PM (2 replies)

U.S. Scientists to Skip Monsanto Summit on Controversial Weed Killer - by Reuters

Monsanto (mon, +1.12%) invited dozens of weed scientists to a summit this week to win backing for a controversial herbicide but many have declined, threatening the company’s efforts to convince regulators the product is safe to use.

Monsanto faces a barrage of lawsuits over its dicamba herbicide and risks of tighter restrictions on its use, after the chemical drifted away from where it was sprayed this summer and damaged nearby crops unable to tolerate it.

Arkansas and Missouri suffered the most complaints of U.S. states with damage linked to dicamba. Weed scientists from the two states declined to attend the summit on concerns about Monsanto’s response to the incident.

The company plans to present data at the summit that it says show user error was behind the damage, contrary to academics’ findings that dicamba products can vaporize and move off target under certain conditions in a process known as volatilization.

Posted by womanofthehills | Sun Feb 25, 2018, 01:16 PM (1 replies)

Wow! Muckmaker cartoon

Posted by womanofthehills | Wed Feb 21, 2018, 12:10 AM (7 replies)

Rob Porter also kicked & choked his wife - "he would throw me down on the bed and ......"

In a lengthy interview, Holdnerness, who married Porter in 2003, told CNN on Wednesday that the physical abuse began almost immediately after their wedding. The couple went to the Canary Islands for their honeymoon in the summer of 2003, when Holderness said Porter kicked her thigh during a fight.

"I didn't quite know how to take it," Holderness said. "I had just tied the knot with him."
She said that Porter's repeated physically abusive behavior also included throwing her on the bed and forcefully pushing one of his limbs into her body in anger and choking her.

"The thing he would do most frequently is he would throw me down on a bed and he would just put his body weight on me and he'd be yelling at me but as he was yelling he'd me grinding an elbow or knee into my body to emphasize his anger," she said. The choking, she said, "was just very scary and dehumanizing," and she said she didn't realize the severity of the situation until she spoke with a counselor.

In the summer of 2005, the couple was in Florence, Italy, when Holderness said he punched her in the face -- the only time, Holdnerness says, when she remembers her ex-husband leaving a physical mark on her body.

Posted by womanofthehills | Thu Feb 8, 2018, 01:59 AM (31 replies)

"Trump's hair literally came unglued......"

Posted by womanofthehills | Wed Feb 7, 2018, 12:54 PM (96 replies)
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