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What makes these Republicans think they can wage a war on Women in the first place?

Here are some figures that came from the 2010 Census:

30.7 million women have a bachelor's degree or higher.

7.8 million women own their own business.

7.5 million women work for women owned businesses.

71.9 million women work outside the home while only 5 million are stay at home moms.

205,500 women are active in the military.

46.2% of women vote (I expect that number to be higher this year!)

157 million number of females in 2010 vs 151.8 males

We are successful. We earn our own money. We do most of the shopping for ourselves and our families - we have the power to decided where to shop. Women are found in all lines of work. And just ask Susan Komen if we are a force to be reckoned with.

Why have women become so successful? Because unlike generations before us we are able to control our own bodies.
We are able to have 2.4 kids when we want them. IF we want them.
Women are able to work outside of the home, raise amazing kids, keep the house clean and enjoy sex with our significant others without the worry of pregnancy. There is no data to back this, but I believe that women are excellent planners and managers.

Women have worked hard to get to this place - inspite of constant fights from men:








edit to add this pic - I can't believe I forgot this one in the first place

and another edit to add:

A big FUCK YOU to anyone that thinks women will not continue to fight for our rights!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Census numbers came from [link:http://www.infoplease.com/spot/womencensus1.html|
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