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Member since: Thu Apr 14, 2005, 05:50 PM
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The real reason why the righties are shouting Abortion is killing & its supporters are murderers:

So people, including our lazy-ass media will ignore the many ways in which the righties are trying to kill us.
Just to name a few -

*Wanting to deny a woman a right to terminate her pregnancy even if it will take away her life.
*Taking away healthcare from those that have no other opportunity to purchase healthcare.
*Taking away food stamps from those that are hungry.
*Taking away free school breakfasts or lunches from those that may not eat anything else all day.
*Poisoning our water and our air. Poisoning the animals that are used as a food source.
*Chemically Altering our food supply.
*Sending our children to die or be disabled in endless wars & so what if we kill innocent people in other countries.
*Ignoring the scientific fact that climate change is real & it is causing people & animals to lose their shelters & food supplies.
*Ignoring every single humanitarian crises that is outside of our borders - except when it crosses into our borders, such as children escaping violence or ebola.
*Using military style tactics to defend themselves for murdering people in the streets.

And it is all being done in the name of Christianity and Profits.

Isn't time we start calling these people what they really are? Isn't it time WE take control of the messaging?
These people aren't Pro-Life. These people govern by being Pro-Death.
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