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Name: Brandy
Gender: Female
Member since: Sun Apr 17, 2005, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 12,675

Journal Archives

We need to discuss who's going to be our new Group host, now that we're live.

There aren't many of us West Virginians here, but goodness knows we can sometimes be subjected to some awful stereotypes and insults. I think this group does indeed need a Host.

I vote for Lasher as the first Host. When his 90 days is up, I think we should all take turns. Sound good to you guys?

Resource for those who might be trying to publish


On the left side, under "Writers Resources", there's a link that says "Calls for Submissions". Click that and find a list of mags and journals that are looking for submissions of work.

So have you all made any holiday yummies yet?

We made some gingerbread men the other day, and Rhythm and I ate the last two of them earlier today. Yum! Thinking about doing a gingerbread house too, if we can get the stuff for it.

I'm bullish on brown marmorated stinkbugs.

They're going EVERYWHERE.

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