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bobnicewander's Journal
bobnicewander's Journal
July 23, 2020

My cog, uh cog, cog...

uh, complimentary test:

Person Woman Man Camera, TV

Rowdy Yates, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Brownie, black and white. All recalled from more than 50 years ago.

Crikey you dummies.

Repeated 15 minutes later - Rowdy Yates, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, brownie, black and white.

I am fabuloso! Me and the Fonz! I want ice cream!

July 22, 2020

Self defense?

What if a legally armed citizen shoots and kills one of a group of men he sees are armed yelling and rushing at him because he fears for his life? What if he fires shots at the group but misses everyone. They return fire, killing him in the process? Who gets charged and with what? Murder?

In the second scenario if the group of men is identified as government agents is tRump charged with anything as he issued the initial order for the attack from the top of the chain?

July 22, 2020


Especially Republicans. Do not let babies be sacrificed to promote your politics.

Do not let schools open until they are safe from the transmission of the Corona virus.

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