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bobnicewander's Journal
bobnicewander's Journal
October 25, 2021

President Biden

progressed demi-anlunar to possible vote on spending bill this coming Wednesday. Jupiter is happy, add Venus you get BUTTAH.This is a very good chart but uses the president's natal chart to make it. My strongest charts would use the positive significators from his secondary progressed natal chart to show the outcome.

Pelosi says Democrats plan to have 'agreement' on spending bill and vote on bipartisan infrastructure bill in the next week


"The goal among Democratic leaders is to have a vote Wednesday or Thursday on the infrastructure package and send it to Biden's desk, a source briefed on the plan says. The hope is to have a detailed agreement on the larger social safety net package agreed to before then to help convince progressives to vote for the bipartisan measure."

October 20, 2021

Why did Garland have

such hard aspects to his chart leading up to the select committee votes of today and tomorrow? As consistent as they are they must relate to something. The continuous daily activation is unusual.

Today's aspect timed to vote at 7:55 pm, EDT. Garland natal Neptune 201°26'; transiting Mars at 201°25'.

Could he be a secret tRump or GOP sympathizer? Does he fear exposure of something if he goes against tRump's wishes?


October 17, 2021

All eclipses next 5 years

October 16, 2021

tRump Launch Pad VA Gov Election

I don't Think so!

Remember I believe it is the nature of planets making an aspect, not the nature of the aspect.

Trump Wants Virginia Governor's Race to Be 'Launching Pad' for 2024, Terry McAuliffe Says




Charts for McAuliffe, Youngkin, tRump, and myself for election night, Nov 2, indicate that Youngkin and tRump will not be happy that night.

Youngkin's progressed Mars/Neptune midpoint at 219°12' is squared by transit Saturn at 309°56'. tRump's progressed anlunar has his progressed Mars and Neptune straddling the MC.

McAuliffe's progressed Venus is conjunct his progressed Sun (25°53 Aries to 25°33' Aries). They are opposed by transit Mercury at 25°28' Libra.

I have progressed Jupiter on my PDAL DESC.

October 15, 2021

Garlands Hard Week Starting Now

Is a shocking discovery coming? The Pluto station on October 6 was on his natal Mars.

Merrick Garland - Noon Chart Nov 13 1952, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00
Supreme Court Building Dist of Columbia

Unrelenting aspects from transiting Sun and Mars to his natal/or progressed Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto's.

The only easy aspects are in bold. The only easy day might be the 17th (a Sunday).

Oct 14 2021 Sun 21°Li55' Cnj Sat 21°Li55' Tr-Na
Oct 15 2021 Sun 22°Li31' Cnj Nep 22°Li31' Tr-Na
Oct 15 2021 Sun 22°Li32' Sxt Plu 22°Le32' Tr-Sp
Oct 16 2021 Sun 23°Li13' Sqr Mer 23°Cp13' Tr-Sp
Oct 16 2021 Sun 23°Li14' Sxt Plu 23°Le14' Tr-Na
Oct 16 2021 Sun 23°Li52' Sqr Mar 23°Cp52' Tr-Na
Oct 16 2021 Sun 23°Li53' Cnj Nep 23°Li53' Tr-Sp
Oct 18 2021 Mar 21°Li55' Cnj Sat 21°Li55' Tr-Na
Oct 19 2021 Mar 22°Li31' Cnj Nep 22°Li31' Tr-Na
Oct 19 2021 Mar 22°Li32' Sxt Plu 22°Le32' Tr-Sp
Oct 20 2021 Ven 13°Sg42'Cnj Mer 13°Sg42' Tr-Na
Oct 20 2021 Sun 27°Li07' Cnj Sat 27°Li07' Tr-Sp
Oct 20 2021 Mar 23°Li14' Sqr Mer 23°Cp14' Tr-Sp
Oct 20 2021 Mar 23°Li14' Sxt Plu 23°Le14' Tr-Na
Oct 20 2021 Sun 27°Li25' Sxt Ven 27°Sg25' Tr-Na
Oct 21 2021 Mar 23°Li52' Sqr Mar 23°Cp52' Tr-Na
Oct 21 2021 Mar 23°Li53' Cnj Nep 23°Li53' Tr-Sp

*** END REPORT ***

October 13, 2021

Infrastructure Bill

iIf my charts for President Biden and Sinema are connected to the bill it looks like an agreement may be reached on Sunday, November 14. When a signing would take place is another matter.

October 12, 2021

My charts for President Biden on Nov 8 2022

the midterm election night. The president's natal Jupiter, Sun, and Venus all trine the PAL's MC. The progressed anlunar Jupiter is on the MC and his secondary progressed Jupiter is on it's ASC.

An angular Neptune is often found prominent in charts for happy or gleeful events.

Why the Jupiters and the Neptune? Could Dems take the Senate while also holding the House?

Notice return Saturn is conjunct his secondary progressed Sun. Not all sunshine and roses. It is in the background (foreground is within 5 degrees of, or in major aspect to, a chart angle) - could it be related to his health?

October 12, 2021

These need to be studied as they are part of America's Pluto return. Article has maps.

"Are You Ready For North America’s ‘Triple Eclipse?’ Countdown Begins To 3 Solar Eclipses In 4 Years"




"In fact, in the wake of the “Great American Eclipse” of August 21, 2017, North America gets four central solar eclipses in just seven years.

Here’s what’s going to happen, when, and where: ..."

October 8, 2021

Dueling Saturn Aspects

Adverse Saturn aspects are playing out for President Biden and tRump through the next several months.

Previous posts of mine:

They are going after tRump - it's Pluto time!

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Today's (Sep 14 2021) Deadline White House program presented the most damning revelation of tR's craziness I have seen so far. I think my charts for the next 90 days may indicate the collapse of tRump's political career and tRumpism.

90 days tRumps. When you're hot, you'er hot!


Stationing Pluto aspects to crime family charts:

tRump natal Saturn is at 115°43?.
Transiting Pluto stations at 296°32' on October 6, 2021. Opposition.
Melania prog natal Saturn/Pluto 113°43?. Opposition.
Jr. natal Saturn/Neptune 204°16?. Square.
Ivanka prog Saturn/Pluto 204°47'. Square.
Kushner natal Sun/Mercury 295°38?. Conjunct.
Eric natal Mars 206°19'. Square.
Weisselberg’s natal Mars/Pluto midpoint (noon chart) at 114°33?. Opposition.
His natal Mars/Saturn midpoint at 113°50?. Opposition.

The End Is Near - Chart Added

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Among other things today may mark 6 months or 26 weeks or 182 days until a certain someone may experience their worst day of this year. There are many difficult days in December for them. I think the worst will be December 14. That could change depending on their location.

Why President Biden Is Having So Much Trouble


Transit Saturn opposite natal Pluto Sep 20 2021 and Oct 31 2021.
Opposite progressed Pluto in right ascension on September 29 2021.
Transiting Saturn is less than 1° from an exact opposition to his progressed Pluto heading for the exactness on September 29. It can be considered to be exact now.

Opposite natal Pluto in right ascension November 22 2021.

October 7, 2021

How much

will President Biden get?

More than the puny temporary extension offered by McConnell I hope. Mitch does not want the Senate under his control to go down in history as the one that crashed the American and possibly the world's economy for political advantage. Work it Schumer!

President Biden's charts on October 7 are good.

Sinema's are not.

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