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bobnicewander's Journal
bobnicewander's Journal
May 28, 2021

Poor Matty

Does he feel the hangman's rope placed around his neck the first weekend of June (4th, 5th, and 6th) when transiting Mars opposes transiting Pluto and they both square his natal and progressed Pluto?

If so, is that when he makes a deal?

Looking at the charts for the 3 days looks like a punch, counter-punch fight. It may not be reported to the public as it happens in time.

The transiting opposition also triggers tRump's natal Saturn at 23°49' Cancer.

May 24, 2021

Why I may not

do charts for all significant events to come.

in the tRump saga.

Chart count

For 5 events (the arrest, Indictment, trial, decision, and sentencing) - Solar Return - Lunar Return - Event chart- Progressed lunar return - Progressed natal (5 charts). Add the natal for a total of 26.

If there are 10 people the chart count comes to 260 charts (If some solar returns could be used for several events the count could be slightly less), if there are appeals it approaches or may exceed 300. The number would also be greater if there are more than 10 people arrested and tried.

May 23, 2021

Collins In a Bad Way

When Pluto stations on Oct 6 it will square her natal Saturn in longitude and her progressed Saturn in right ascension. As the aspecting planet is slow moving Pluto the aspect will be in effect for months (within 1° beginning in mid August). It is within 2° or 3° now as the story breaks. Noon chart for date of birth is shown as birth time is not known. Saturn and Neptune only moved about 2 minutes of arc all day so their shown positions will be within about 1 minute of arc.

"FBI Probes Defense Contractor’s Contributions to Sen. Susan Collins"


May 16, 2021

Effects from Plea Change

All charts result from my speculative birth chart for Gaetz.

I am assuming Gaetz's progressed anlunars for May 17, 18, and 19 are connected to a possible change of plea by Greenberg. Charts are located to the Capitol Building.

Gaetz progressed anlunar: When Greenberg changes his plea Gaetz's secondary progressed Saturn will be on it's Nadir (not the IC), the Sibly chart interacts with this chart having Sibly Sun on the chart's ASC and Sibly Saturn on it's Nadir; the next day (May 18) at about 11 am, EDT, the progressed anlunar will be the chart shown here with multiple points being highlighted; the next day (May19) his secondary progressed Pluto will be on the progressed anlunar's IC. FYI - Gaetz's progressed Saturn is conjunct Sibly chart's Saturn and square Sibly chart Sun.

Another chapter in Gaetz's life story will be written the last week of June when Neptune stations on his natal MC located to the Capitol Building. Because it is Neptune - the before and after time periods it will influence his chart will likely extend for weeks, perhaps months.

With transiting Jupiter trining his progressed Jupiter and getting ready to trine his natal Jupiter and Moon could he strike his own deal by agreeing to testify against tRump?

May 13, 2021

Experience with transit Neptune (UPDATE)

on my birth chart IC. Here is the latest in a series of posts that have been deleted on another site without explanation in a time-span of less than 12 hours.

UPDATE - My posts were sent to moderation because they contained more than 2 links. When they were no longer visible I thought they had been deleted as they and the moderation message had both disappeared.

"I only posted to provide the real data for the Constitution as the data that had been provided produced a chart for it that had no legal standing. To that end I posted the following from my files:

"My 2nd choice after Sibly. The Constitution was nothing but an idea until it was ratified.
Congress notified July 2nd?

United States Constitution approved

21 June 1788
~1:00 pm LAT
Old North Meeting House
Near corner of Church Street and Bouton Street
Concord, NH 03301
N 43°12' 52" W 71°32' 29"
eqt ~1.3 minutes = 1:01 pm LMT

Source: Birth of the Federal Constitution, by Joseph Burbeen Walker, 1888, page 54. http://books.google.com/books?id=Z1E0AAAAIAAJ

The Constitution was to become law with the approval of nine of the states, and New Hampshire was that state.


That post was put in moderation, then deleted, so I followed with:

"I posted this earlier to insure that readers here did not expend time and energy working with a chart that without ratification was nothing more than ink on paper and of no consequence in America's history. That vote was and is a turning point in American history.

A moderator deleted my post which referenced the carefully recorded ratification vote necessary for the document to become binding on the nation. Without that vote that document was merely ideas that had no binding expression in the ways of the leaders of the country.

The ideas put to paper became binding when that vote was concluded. That was agreed to by the country's leaders."

"That also was deleted. Knowing that I had no way to prevent tRumpian behavior I posted the 2 you see above and was surprised when they have not been deleted also.

To make it clear my purpose for posting was to save those who would work on a chart from using incorrect data, a chart that had no legal standing.

Thankfully all here are safe from the virus."

"Here are the 2 posts which missed being deleted"

By: Bob on May 13th, 2021
at 2:38 am
"If there had been no vote or if the required majority had never been reached the Constitution would be nothing more than ink on paper lost in the dustbin of history. It needed to pass by agreed upon vote terms to have meaning."

By: Bob on May 13th, 2021
at 2:41 am
"Moderator your hate is overcoming what is right. History is on my side. Hate is on yours."

May 12, 2021

Could Putin's hold over

tRump, if there is one, be revealed in the first week of December? Or real proof of collusion between them.

As this is the last transiting Pluto aspect to these points could it be the time when what ever Putin holds against tRump is revealed? These aspects precede the Sibly chart's Pluto return in 2022.

May 12, 2021

Do it because I said so


Prosecutor: No legal basis for Virginia state trooper to stop Black woman who was pulled from car

"Virginia State Trooper Robert G. Hindenlang was instead pulling her over, ..."

"...Hindenlang, who has been a trooper for 24 years, ..."

"Hindenlang, 49, ..."

He is facing 2 Saturn returns - one to his law enforcement career in about 4 years (give or take 2 years as a Saturn return can occur as early as 26 years or as late as 30 years after a chart's beginning). Another personal one a few years after that because of his age.

I timed Saturn return occurrences by checking the careers of major league baseball players who had been elected to the baseball Hall of Fame after experiencing their Saturn returns during their careers. ALMOST ALL experienced a drop in their offensive output or injury during the time of their returns.

Aspects from Saturn in a chart are usually found to occur during times of restriction, loss or stress in connection to that chart. The aspects could be in effect for some time as they take some time to build and some time to diminish. They could also mark a difficulty in a person's life away from their public life which does or does not affect their performance in their public life.

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