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bobnicewander's Journal
bobnicewander's Journal
September 27, 2021

Why President Biden Is Having So Much Trouble

Saturn opposite Pluto.

Quick reminder of why President Biden is having so much trouble, not making any progress, getting Manchin and Sinema to support his agenda. He may have to wait until a later time to get what he wants.

Aspects by various measurements.

Transit Saturn opposite natal Pluto Sep 20 2021 and Oct 31 2021.

Opposite progressed Pluto in right ascension on September 29 2021.

Transiting Saturn is less than 1° from an exact opposition to his progressed Pluto heading for the exactness on September 29. It can be considered to be exact now.

Opposite natal Pluto in right ascension November 22 2021.
September 19, 2021

Laundrie, Petito, Location and Mom ...

NOTE: I am not posting my speculative birth charts for either of them.

...The aspect image shown in this post is the same if the location is changed to 6 pm MDT for any location in the MDT zone.

They both have strong natal Venus aspecting natal Saturn (hers a conjunction, his a square) in their birth charts [no matter the correct time of day]. The aspects could play out in different ways at different times - zealousness in empathy or sympathy sometimes; cold blooded lack of those traits at other times.

After reading reports of several instances describing his physical abuse of her I think my speculative birth chart for him is strongly correct with Mars about 2 degrees from the MC in this location and Saturn on the ASC, the combination I see as a potential abuser. She, with a Mars square Uranus, could also have an explosive streak in her make-up. Both charts having indicators of sometimes possibly speaking or acting without thinking of possible consequences.

I think Brian Laundrie did cause Ms Petito's death and that he may have a breakdown, or be arrested by or during December. It is transiting Pluto to his progressed Mars for my thinking. It has been right around it for sometime now (including Aug 25). Not able to name a date between now and then because of not knowing his location. The images show the working parts for my reasoning.

FAQ About Roberta Laundrie
When was Roberta M Laundrie born?
Roberta Laundrie is 55. She was born on Apr 14, 1966.

April 14, 1966 is the birth date of Roberta. Her age is 55."

NOTE: Location of residence given for Roberta Laundrie not updated, husband posted at https://www.neighborwho.com as owner and/or resident at the same address given for her

September 14, 2021

They are going after tRump - it's Pluto time!

Today's (Sep 14 2021) Deadline White House program presented the most damning revelation of tR's craziness I have seen so far. I think my charts for the next 90 days may indicate the collapse of tRump's political career and tRumpism.

September 5, 2021

White Hot

The last transiting Pluto aspect to tRump's natal Saturn and to Putin's progressed Saturn and Neptune in December might herald their failure to upend the 2020 election. I do not think they will have the backing of the Republican party as they campaign in 2022. Expect an all out, do or die, effort by tRump and his followers between now and the end of the year and expect it to be white hot starting now.

Those are my thoughts on transiting Saturn's opposition to President Biden's natal and progressed Pluto's before the end of the year and before campaigning begins for the midterm elections.

September 5, 2021

President Biden's transiting Saturn to progressed Pluto aspects still to come,

Periods of major difficulties. None corrected for precession.

BIDEN WH - Natal Relocated
Nov 20 1942, 8:22 am, EWT +4:00
White House DC, 38°N53'50'', 077°W02'13''

Natal Pluto 07°14' Leo in longitude, 131°00' in right ascension

In longitude:
Transit Saturn opposite natal Pluto Sep 20 2021 and Oct 31 2021

In right ascension:
Opposite progressed Pluto in right ascension on September 29 2021
Today (September 5 2021) transiting Saturn is less than 1° from an exact opposition to his progressed Pluto heading for the exactness on September 29. It can be considered to be exact now.
Opposite natal Pluto in right ascension November 22 2021

September 2, 2021

U.S. Supreme Court justices on Sep 1 2021

Chief Justice
John Roberts, seated September 29, 2005
DOB Jan 27 1955

Stephen Breyer, seated August 3, 1994
DOB August 15 1938

Clarence Thomas, seated October 23, 1991
DOB June 23 1948

Samuel Alito, seated January 31, 2006
DOB April 1 1950

Sonia Sotomayor, seated August 8, 2009
DOB June 25 1954

Elena Kagan, seated August 7, 2010
DOB April 28 1960

Brett Kavanaugh, seated October 6, 2018
DOB February 12 1965

Neil Gorsuch, seated April 10, 2017
DOB August 29 1967

Amy Coney Barrett, seated October 27 2020
DOB January 28 1972
September 1, 2021

The transiting Mars opposition to transiting Neptune

is affecting the Sibly chart Mars square Neptune. This is reflected in the attacks on President's Biden's decision to end the war in Afghanistan, increased attacks against centers providing vaccinations to combat the COVID 19 virus, and the most serious attack against Roe v Wade.

An alarming new Supreme Court case could unravel Roe v. Wade as soon as Tuesday night
By Ian Millhiser Aug 31, 2021, 3:00pm EDT


"In May, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signed a state law that effectively bans abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy — sooner than many people learn they are pregnant. This law violates the ruling in Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992), which protects “the right of the woman to choose to have an abortion before viability and to obtain it without undue interference from the state.” But it will nonetheless take effect on Wednesday unless a court blocks it."

It might have taken effect at midnight August 31 - September 1 if U.S. Supreme Court did not grant an injunction to block it.

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