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bobnicewander's Journal
bobnicewander's Journal
August 29, 2023

2017 Inauguration Image

The inauguration chart showing the DESC and Moon positions in longitude show the Moon is past setting but the true body (right ascension) positions of those 2 in space show that the Moon will not attain the DESC until the MC reaches almost 2 degrees more [about 8 minutes in clock time] meaning the Moon is above the Desc at the time of the inauguration [12 pm, EST].
August 28, 2023

Test For 2024 Election

Inaugural Moons through 2009.

Since then:

The inaugural Moon test for party change held true for the 2013 inauguration when the inaugural RAMC was at 298°12? and the Moon rose at 301°54? (Moon below – no change).

And for the 2017 inauguration when it appeared not to work as the Moon in longitude was shown below the DESC when in reality the actual body of the Moon set at 300°13? and the RAMC was at 298°14? (Moon above DESC = change, stolen by GOP).

And again in 2021 when inaugural RAMC was at 298°15? and the Moon rose at 292°24? (Moon above ASC = change).

With those correct calls the test has a record of 28 right calls out of 32 inaugurations (88%).

For the 2025 inauguration the Moon is far below the DESC, a call of no party change.

9 out of 10 ain’t bad.

August 7, 2023

Stolen From Rambo

Like Will Hunting (Matt Damon) stole Sean's (Robin Williams) line in Good Will Hunting tRump stole from Rambo (Rambo First Blood Part II - "...I'm coming to get you!&quot . While it was possible the former could follow up on his declaration it is not likely tRump will succeed in his efforts.

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